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    Leading Packaging and Technological Equipment Manufacturer Over 25 Years

    RT Group since 1994 successfully works at the market of packaging equipment. During this time, the company has gained a leading position in the industry, has earned a reputation as a reliable and competent partner.

    Each 4th packaging machine, manufactured in Russia, is produced at the RT Group factory. The quantity of produced equipment allows us to reduce production costs, price of accessories, and, consequently, the production cost. Therefore our customers receive packaging and technological equipment of the European quality level at Russian prices.


    Advantages of RT Group

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    The company’s business activity is implemented in four key areas:

    packaging equipment manufacturing;
    bulk products storage and transportation;
    technological equipment for food industry;
    flexographic printing on packaging film.
    Our equipment is reliable, simple and easy to operate, and does not require complex maintenance. All machines are certified and allowed to use. The high quality of the equipment is marked by diplomas, medals of international and national exhibitions. The reliability of the products is guaranteed by existing quality control system at the enterprise.

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    The company RT Group developed, implemented and continuously improved quality management system, which allows implementing the system approach, effective control of production processes. Compliance of the functioning quality management system of the RT Group company to requirements of the international and national standards is confirmed by certificates ISO 9001:2008.

    The priority task of the company is to provide the customer with reliable and trouble-free equipment. To perform this task, the company has developed, implemented and operates a quality control system.
    This system operates at all stages: from the development of technical specifications at the conclusion of contracts to the start of equipment and its service and maintenance. The most important component of this system – control at all stages of production of machines, control of materials and components.

    All cycle of development and production of the packaging equipment is carried out at plant in Saint-Petersburg, Russia that allows to control completely quality of the manufactured machines. Commissioning of the equipment by the specialists of the company is carried out with training of the customer’s staff. Service and maintenance and continuous monitoring of the equipment during operation allow to respond quickly to the comments and wishes of the consumer, to modernize packaging machines in a timely manner in order to improve the method of supplying raw materials, introduction of methods of dosing complex products, increase productivity, increase reliability.

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    The largest in Russia network of service centers of RT Group works for the customer throughout the life cycle of the delivered equipment. Our experts carry out commissioning, installation work, ensuring the commissioning of equipment, provide warranty and post-warranty service, which include consultation, diagnosis and repair of equipment, timely replacement of defective parts.

    The produced equipment is designed for round-the-clock operation. If there are failures, breakdowns and deviations, it is necessary to correct the situation in a matter of hours. At RT Group enterprise the system of delivery of spare parts by Express mail to any point of Russia and the CIS countries is introduced and effectively works.

    The advantage and beneficial difference of service from others is the replacement of spare parts. If you are a client of any other European company and you have something out of order, the defective part you must send to the manufacturer for examination. After that, you will be sent a new item under warranty or invoice. All the time until you find out the cause of failure, the machine is idle. We first send the item and only then do the rest of the formalities. Reducing downtime to a minimum is a task we are working on continuously. Successful operation of such system, which we call «hot-swap», is possible only with the smooth, systematic operation of service and technical centers.

    We have created a system of integrated problem solving, containing new products in the field of technical marketing, service, successfully solve all current technical issues, regardless of their complexity.

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    RT Group embodies a fundamentally new strategy – an integrated approach to the packaging business of the client. In the company, the customer receives a full range of services: from equipment to consumables. This approach is justified, because it saves the customer from the problems of docking different manufacturers, finding materials, applying images to them and much more. RT Group was the first in Russia to offer customers a comprehensive solution to the packaging process. This approach has increased the rating of the company.

    The engineering and technical staff of the company is highly qualified and has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of packaging machines, as well as deep knowledge in the development of the best packaging solutions for the client.
    A significant part of the company’s funds is invested in the development of new technologies, which allows to ensure a strong competitive position in the future. For any new development, the main quality criteria are: product protection, required shelf life, aesthetic appearance of the packaged product and the cost of packaging.