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Short-cut pasta production

Pasta production equipment

One of the most promising areas of development of the food market is the production of short-cut pasta. This is due to the relatively simple technological process of making pasta and availability of necessary equipment. At the same time, the finished product has several advantages, that are essential for the consumer, especially in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. This is primarily high palatability and longer shelf life. Organization of pasta production does not require significant financial costs and can be implemented on the basis of a small enterprise with a small number of staff.


  • Bulk storage system for ingredients — durum flour
  • Transport line for feeding of flour for mixing
  • Water treatment and filtration system
  • Flour sifting and aeration devices, magnetic separator for protection against metal inclusions
  • Kneading machine with a dough roller or extruder, pasta press. Often these machines can be combined on a single platform
  • Pasta press matrixes for the production of various forms of pasta — vermicelli, horns, shells, noodles, etc.
  • Pre-drying trabatto (vibrating drying conveyor to prevent pasta from sticking together) and electric or low-pressure gas drying chambers
  • Packaging equipment for packing of pasta into various packages and bags

It should be noted that the production of pasta is easy to upgrade for the production of dumplings and Turkish mantas. To do this, you need to add a dumplings machine and an industrial meat grinder to the complex of technological equipment, as well as use a special form for rolling out the dough at the output of the extruder instead of a dough-rolling machine. This combination of machines allows you to produce dumplings and pasta alternately on the same set of equipment.

Our company is ready to offer a variety of equipment options for the production of pasta of various shapes for any performance.