Dough divider KRAS NB

Dough divider KRAS NB for bakery production

Equipment for dough dividing in bakery and confectionery production


KRAS machine is an automatic dough divider, operating on the principle of vacuum piston division. The ability to adapt dough divider from a single-chamber to a two-chamber and vice versa allows you to use the machine to work in a large range of weight of the dough pieces and machine performance. You can choose from two versions of the dough divider: KRAS and KRAS ATT.



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Difference of the KRAS ATT model in the presence of a built-in computer for work in automatic mode, as well as automatic belt scales (ATT), which allow you to control and adjust the weight of the dough pieces.



production of various products on one production line due to the special design of the suction and dividing chamber, as well as the lubrication system and precise adjustment of the internal conveyor speed. The possibility of installing the dough divider in automatic production lines or inclusion into existing;
large range of dough pieces weight and machine performance;
possibility of dividing the soft dough with minimal impact on the porosity, thanks to the precise adjustment of the volume of the dough portion in the suction chamber;
high accuracy of division on models KRAS ATT for the dough with different degrees of fermentation;
selection of the optimal combination of piston setting in the measuring chamber for the KRAS ATT dough divider model, depending on the weight of the dough billet and the performance on the line;
minimum possibility of subjective errors of baking when working with the dough divider KRAS;
materials permitted for use in the food industry for all parts in contact with the dough. Guaranteed round-the-clock operation with minimal maintenance due to robust construction and quality materials. Automatic control for the KRAS ATT dough divider model thanks to the built-in computer.


Standard version of KRAS NB P includes:

stainless steel cladding;
external conveyor 750 mm;
stainless funnel 120 l, tilting;
manual adjustment of the mass;
manual adjustment of the intake amount of dough;
unregulated operating pressure;
oil tank 9 liters with optical and electronic oil level indicator;
automatic lubrication of the internal conveyor;
scraper with grease;
stop in position to facilitate cleaning;
digital job performance and number of pieces;
service counter — the machine stops after a specified number of cycles, re-enabling is possible after the service work.


Standard version of KRAS NB PLC includes:
basic machine KRAS NB P;
manual adjustment of the mass;
manual adjustment of the intake quantity of dough;
control via touch-screen;
indication of the number of divided dough billets;
set the number of presets on the screen;
service interval display on the screen;
error information;
ability to connect to ETHERNET for remote control of the machine.


Standard version of KRAS NB PLC M includes:
basic machine KRAS NB PLC;
servomotor mass adjustment via PLC screen;
possibility of subsequent connection of automatic.


Options of dough divider KRAS NB:

external conveyor 1000 and 1250 mm;
stainless steel funnel 170, 245 and 400 l;
Teflon funnel 120, 170, 245 and 400 l;
flour sprinkler (single, double);
height increase by: 100, 180, 350 mm;
dough flow compensator (recommended for soft dough);
grid forming;
lubrication of the external conveyor;
funnel lubrication (only for PLC version);
roller separating;
stacker in forms (conveyor, stop and rolls);
digital indication of the specified number of divided dough billets;
automatic belt scales (only for m PLC version).

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