Dough forming machine Vipava

Dough forming machine VIPAVA for bakery

Equipment for dough forming in bakery and confectionery production


Machine VIPAVA F is designed for forming of loaves of wheat dough. The robust design allows it to be used in industrial bakeries as a stand-alone machine or as part of an automatic production line. VIPAVA 2400 is available in two versions, which differ in the width of the curling belt (470 and 700), as a result of which can form a loaf of the largest length. The control is carried out by means of an electronic control device PLC, wherein the distance between centering rolls, height of forming plate and speed of the belt of the forming conveyor are adjusted automatically. VIPAVA 3000 compare to VIPAVA 2400 has more productivity.



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Distinctive characteristic:

all parts of the machine that come into contact with the dough during forming are made of impeccable materials, that prevent adhesion of the dough and are suitable for use in the food industry;
possibility of installation of the device for blowing with warm air between the pairs of rolls, over the curling mesh and under the forming plate, which additionally prevents the dough from plate and side guides allows production of various forms of loaves;
robust design allows a long service life and possibility of intensive use;
easily accessible stainless steel surfaces make it easy to clean the machine;
automatic execution allows easy and quick changeover between different products;
three pairs of forming rolls with the VIPAVA 3000/500 VT variant allow faster forming of the pancake (increasing productivity of the machine);
additional conveyor for forming with adjustable speed with VIPAVA 3000/500 VT.


Basic version of the VIPAVA 2400 F machine contains:

stainless steel or painted frame and cladding;
separate drive of the rollers and conveyor;
two pairs of rolling rolls;
Teflon guides 20 mm high;
frequency converter to adjust the speed of the rolls.


Basic version of the VIPAVA 3000/500 F, VT machine includes:

stainless steel frame and cladding;
two centering rolls;
three pairs of rolling rolls;
curling conveyor;
mesh for curling of the dough;
output grid;
Teflon guides.

VIPAVA  2400 / 470 F
VIPAVA  2400 / 700 F
VIPAVA 3000 / 500 F
VIPAVA  3000 / 500 VT
  Productivity at 1200 grams of pieces / hour 2400 2400 < 3000 < 3000
  Weight of pieces, grams 100 — 1200 (1800) 100 — 1200 (1800) 110 — 2000 110 — 2000

  Length of dough billets, mm

100 — 420 180 — 620 < 450 < 450

  Installed power, kW

1,65 1,65 2,75 2,75

  Dimensions, mm

3000 x 730 x 1780 3000 x 930 x 1780 3600 x 1100 x 1925 5500 x 1170 x 2000

  Weight of machine, kg

450 550 1050 1200

Options for VIPAVA 2400 F:

input conveyor;
Teflon guides 30 mm high;
flour sprinkler 400 R with frequency converter (only for VIPAVA 2400/470 F version).


Options for VIPAVA 3000/500 F:

input conveyor;
flour sprinkler 400 R with frequency converter;
unit for warm air blowing.


Options for VIPAVA 3000/500 VT:

unit for warm air blowing;
device for cutting and turning pieces.

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