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Ovens series Minifour for bakery production

Ovens for bakery and confectionery production


Works as a standalone or additional oven. It is ideally suitable for trading hall. It is used for making, for example, of french wheat loaves, rolls, pretzels, croissants or confectionery. Temperature and automatic steam supply can be programmed. Ideal for production with frequent changes of baking modes.



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Stainless steel inside and outside, manual or controller control (9 or 99 programs). Fire protection thanks to the automatic opening of the doors at the end of baking. Automatic baking time for each degree of filling. Gentle baking with variable air flow rate with adjustable fan downtime. Steam extraction valve. The process of defrosting of the frozen food, defrosting and baking are performed automatically. Uniform tinting products, thanks to the automatic movement of the fan from right to left. Halogen interior light. Double glass reduces energy loss and protects against fire. Modular construction (stackable).


The Welker baking station is a masterpiece in every detail

Welker mini-bakeries ovens not only look great, but also demonstrate excellent baking. The outer skin will be painted in a colour matching Your bakery or brand colour.



We also thought about Your electric bill. Compare with the installed capacity of other furnace manufacturers. We have up to 40% lower installed capacity. And this despite the continuous baking batch after batch. Alternative to electricity: gas (supplied for certain types of furnaces).

large viewing window with double insulation. Thus, you and your customers better see the excellent pastries, that you bake directly in the store, heat loss through the glass is virtually eliminated;
double halogen lighting. For the presentation of your baking is always in the — door handle with two opening phases for your safety. Protects the door from unintentional opening and you from getting burned by hot steam;
integrated limit switch in door handle. Automatically turns off the oven when you open the door, it is an additional convenience of maintenance for you;
color front part of the furnace. Optimum integration in Your shop when you choosing the right color of the furnace;
modular system. With growth in turnover can grow the oven, for that Welker offers the Vario system. Increase furnace units to double capacity without the need for a new installation location;
pull-out storage sheets. Without additional space in a cramped room, you can set aside hot sheets without the risk of fire and burns;
mobile version. You are absolutely mobile and move the oven to the right place — low installed power. You do not waste electricity, and optimally use it for high quality bakery;
control system with display, display of recipes. You do not load yourself with everyday things, but follow your ideas and bring them to life, get the desired results of baking;
small installation space: only 81 cm wide and 78 cm deep need for oven, not even a square meter in Your store;
automatic control of exhaust air. You do not think when baking about things that distract from the sale;
connection of water to the proofing cabinet. You do not perform unnecessary actions, just press the button, and water level in Your proofing cabinet is already adjusted;
automatic turn right / left. For a uniform baking that will appeal to your customers.

 Type Module  Size of sheets



Installed power
MF.BW 64.2 2 60 x 40 81 x 75 x 52 3,0 kW / 230 V
MF.BW 64.4 4 60 x 40 81 x 78 x 64 6,4 kW / 400 V
MF.BW 64.8 8 60 x 40 81 x 75 x 92 9,8 kW / 400 V
MF.BW 64.2-2 8 60 x 40 81 x 75 x 118 12,8 kW / 230 V
MF.BW 2/3.3 3 36 x 33 55 x 54 x 47 2,7 kW / 230 V
MF.BW 2/3.4 4 36 x 33 55 x 63 x 52 3,0 kW / 230 V
MF.BR 70 1 B 70 81 x 87 x 75 7,5 kW / 400 V
Proofing cabinet
MF.WG 64.4 4 60 x 40 81 x 75 x 72 2,0 kW / 230 V
MF.WG 64.8 8 60 x 40 81 x 75 x 92 2,0 kW / 230 V
MF.WG 64.16 16 60 x 40 81 x 98 x 92 3,0 kW / 230 V
MF.WG 2/3.8 8 36 x 33 55 x 54 x 90 2,0 kW / 230 V
Place of storage
MF.WZA 4 4 60 x 40 81 x 75 x 92
MF.WU 64.4 4 60 x 40 81 x 75 x 66
MF.WU 64.8 8 60 x 40 81 x 75 x 90
MF.WZA 2/3.4 4 36 x 33 55 x 54 x 41
MF.WU 2/3.8 8 36 x 33 55 x 54 x 90

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