Ovens for bakery ROYAL-AB

Ovens series ROYAL-AB for bakery production

Ovens for bakery and confectionery production



High-performance oven with infrared radiation for pastry shops, cafes or pizzerias. The oven, which can grow along with the need for baking thanks to its modular system, can be expanded to 4 hearths at a baking surface of 0.5 to 6 m2. Good insulation on the outside, between pods and doors of the furnace with double walls is used to economical consumption of energy. Excellent baking thanks to the stone hearth. Optionally also available with steam installation.



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The company Welker KG has developed a high-performance oven with infrared radiation Royal, which works reliably in pastry shops, cafes and as a full-fledged oven in bakeries. Thousands of such furnaces are successfully operated all over the world. Thanks to the reliable design, the front part made of chrome-Nickel steel and excellent insulation technology, Royal furnace is almost infinitely durable and economical.

Due to the modular structure of the oven at any time to extend up to 4 pods. Thus, Royal is growing furnace according to Your turnover – the area of the hearth from 0.5 to 6 m2. Suitable for sheets 58×78, 60×60 or 60×40 cm (European standard and DIN standard). The prefabricated structure is used for easy transportation and quick assembly. Serial equipment of the Royal furnace includes a version with a memory device. It serves for uniform and soft temperature change. Retrofitting is always possible: each pod can be equipped with a steam generator.

The lower and upper heat can be stepless automatically adjusted separately for each hearth. Current and set temperature values are displayed. Temperature adjustment and display is automatic in the built-in proofing cabinet. The Royal oven provides excellent baking thanks to the stone coating of the hearth. All controls are located at the front of oven. Each is equipped with a timer and internal lighting.

Oven Royal has been improved for laboratory and pilot bakery. Accurate electronic thermometers and hygrometers in each pod and proofing cabinet particularly highlight this oven. Laboratory oven Royal-EL works very accurately in many experimental bakeries worldwide.

Type Depth Dimensions wхdхh Baking surface, m2 Installed power, kW Dimensions
E 20 LS-1 U 1250 600 x 800 x 200 0,5 3,0 600 x 800 x 485
E 20 LS-11 WS 0,5 3,5
E 20 LS-2 U 1,0 6,0
E 20 LS-21 WS 1,0 6,5
E 20 LS-3 U 1,5 9,0
E 20 LS-31 WS 1,5 9,5
E 40 LS-1 U 1650 600 x 1200 x 200 0,8 4,8 600 x 1200 x 485
E 40 LS-11 WS 0,8 5,3
E 40 LS-2 U 1,5 9,6
E 40 LS-21 WS 1,5 10,1
E 40 LS-3 U 2,3 14,4
E 40 LS-31 WS 2,3 14,9
E 22 LS-1 U 1250 1200 x 800 x 200 1,0 6,4 1200 x 800 x 485
E 22 LS-11 WS 1,0 7,2
E 22 LS-2 U 2,0 12,8
E 22 LS-21 WS 2,0 13,6
E 22 LS-3 U 3,0 19,2
E 22 LS-31 WS 3,0 20,0
E 42 LS-1 U 1650 1200 x 1200 x 200 1,5 9,6 1200 x 1200 x 485
E 42 LS-11 WS 1,5 11,2
E 42 LS-2 U 3,0 19,2
E 42 LS-21 WS 3,0 20,8
E 42 LS-3 U 4,5 28,8
E 42 LS-31 WS 4,5 30,4

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