Electric ovens ROYAL-EB

Electric ovens ROYAL-EB for bakery production

Ovens for bakery and confectionery production



These are electric hearth furnaces for bakeries of a wide range. Come with a hearth area of from 3 to 40 m2. Direct heating: top and bottom heat separately adjustable. Optionally, you can install a computer control system with Windows XP, memory cards, cost-effective schemes to control electricity consumption. Separate steam generator with separate thermostatic control for each hearth.



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Heat energy — current

Electric heating and baking can be called ideal, it is convenient, simplifies the work, clean, reliable in operation, economical due to the use of a separate temperature control system, universal and fast, adapts to the desired range of bakery and any production task. Fear of a power outage is not justified. In any case: all Welker Royal hearth furnaces are supplied with a simple program memorization. Electric baking is no problem. The safety of Welker Royal EB/EBS hearth furnaces complies with the requirements of VDE, BG, CE. Each pod — is a single oven, which can be separately controlled or completely turned off. Large insulation between hearths without reducing the height of the baking chamber, no influence of the temperature of the hearth chambers on each other.


We bring computer support to the bakery

You choose which control system suits you: manual, mini-computer or computer with baking programs. Plus for the baker — the oven computer thinks with you. Baking step by step — according to the plan, 99 programs, settings for the day and week. Displays the preset and current temperature. Automatic steam supply. The baker can intervene in the program at any time — manually. The oven shows which processes are currently running. Connection module for CAB (automatic baking system) taking into account the intended costs. Fully automatic control system of the proofing cabinet according to the set parameters of humidity and temperature.


Welker hearth furnaces — splendor in every detail

Hearth furnaces Welker not only look great, but also give excellent baking. This is due to a variety of structural parts and reliable operation. Construction features: stainless steel, small footprint and optimal thermal insulation. Compact design, lined up on the side and back wall. Heating resistors inside the hearth housing; connection side to choose left or right — max. distance from the wall 80 cm.


Heating — experience of advanced technologies

Stainless steel heating resistors with infrared heating together with diffuser sheets and memory cards guarantee uniform, soft heating. Fine — tuning for any product. High-alloy stainless steel heating resistors are extremely durable. Resistant to humidity, alkalis and acids. A single resistor is so light in weight that it is very important to optimize the temperature curve (plus / minus 10 S) and thus prevents control errors. Mini computer and XP control system reduce electricity costs. The optimum temperature curve (+/- 10 S) is also achieved by manual operation with analog or digital temperature display.

With steam ahead to baking successes

Massive steam generator with independently adjustable thermostat. No temperature influence on the pod. Spraying plates with a large mass provide a gentle, saturated steam. Simple maintenance of group of hearths. Pressure limiting valves in the hearth are used to equalize the pressure. If you once apply too much steam, the valves release a hot air gap formed by evaporation.



The furnaces are made by modular technology. Supplied by parts. Pass through any standard door (minimum 80 cm). Quick installation. Modules are mounted on screws. Subsequent dismantling / restoration without problems. The maintenance is from front, electricity on the side.

 Type m2

 Size of hearth, cm

  Dimensions, cm

width depth width depth height
EB-329 3 60 160 112 235 195
EB-438 4 60 160 112 235 210
EB-548 5 60 160 112 235 225
EB-336 4 60 200 112 275 195
EB-448 5 60 200 112 275 210
EB-560 6 60 200 112 275 225
EB-358 6 120 160 174 235 195
EB-477 8 120 160 174 235 210
EB-596 10 120 160 174 235 225
EB-372 7 120 200 174 275 195
EB-496 10 120 200 174 275 210
EB-5120 12 120 200 174 275 225
EB-386 9 180 160 250 235 195
EB-4115 12 180 160 250 235 210
EB-5144 15 180 160 250 235 225
EB-3108 11 180 200 250 275 195
EB-4144 15 180 200 250 275 210
EB-5180 18 180 200 250 275 225

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