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Production line for kvass beverage

Production line for kvass beverage



We offer a line for the production of kvass beverage. Productivity of the lines can vary from 600 liters to 20 000 liters per day depending on the planned capacity. Kvass is a traditional Russian sour drink, prepared on the basis of fermentation from flour and malt (wheat, barley) or dry rye bread. Also it can be prepared from beets, fruits, berries. It is a popular drink, that has a pleasant aroma and sweet and sour taste. We offer lines for the production of kvass, as well as performs commissioning and maintenance of equipment for the production of kvass.



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List of technological equipment for kvass beverage:

1. Water doser;

2. Brewing machine for kvass wort;

3. Pump for pumping of kvass wort to fermentation tank;

4. Fermantation tank with agitator;

5. Filtration of kvass;

6. Cooler;

7. Tank-thermos for cooling of kvass;

8. Bottling of kvass.

Stage of production of kvass beverage Main stages of kvass production includes preparation of kvass wort, fermentation of kvass wort and blending of kvass. Raw materials for the production of bread kvass are rye flour, rye malt, barley malt, sugar, and other products. Consider in detail each stage.


1. Preparation of kvass wort
Into the brewing machine is fed required amount of water, rye flour and fermented malt. After that the process of thorough mixing of ingredients and infusion of leavened wort is performed.


2. Fermentation of kvass wort
After infusion of the leavened wort, wort is pumped through the filter into the fermentation tank. The amount of required wort is determined by the recipe. Also, necessary ingredients, yeast, sugar and tempered water are added to the tank. Once ingredients are loaded, mixing process is activated by the agitator. Next comes the process of fermentation of kvass for 8-24 hours. During the fermentation process, excess carbon dioxide is automatically removed from the tank through the tongue-machine, set to a predetermined pressure and allows you to control the fermentation.


3. At the end of fermentation time, kvass, by a centrifugal pump through a fine filter and a demountable plate of heat exchanger of the cooling system is pumped into the storage tank-thermos for further cooling.


4. Cooling system is an autonomous unit of an ice water generator with a coolant of kvass/water in heat exchanger. The system is designed to cool kvass with an initial temperature of +30°C to a temperature of +1+3°C with a capacity of 1500 l/h, with continuous cooling for 6 hours. During the next 6 hours, system accumulates ice and ice water in the tank for the next 6-hour cooling cycle of kvass.


5. Storage tank-thermos through a drain fitting with shut-off valve attached to tubing Ø20mm of equipment for filling of PET bottles KFM2 (optional). Loading of components through hatches of fermentation tanks, as well as maintenance of the upper part of all tanks is carried out from the service site. Start-up and signal equipment of all electric drives (bewing machine, tank agitators, pumps) is located in the control cabinet.

  Description Quantity, pcs.
1   Brewing machine with tempering shirt for preparation of kvass wort 1
2   Electronic doser-mixer of water 1
3   Stainless steel filter with holes 3 mm for pipe Ø 50 mm for rough filtering of kvass wort 1
4   Pump (centrifugial type) in protective cover, for piping of wort to fermentation tank 1
5   Fermentation tank from stainless steel, vertical type, V= 3000 liters 2
6   Filter of mesh type with cells 0,5 mm on pipe Ø 35 mm for fine filtering of kvass 1
7   Centrifugial pump from stainless steel for supply of kvass to feeding tank 1
8   Block type ice water generator — for cooling system of kvass after fermentation, from +30°С to +1+3°С with capacity 1500 l/hour 1
9   Tank-thermos from stainless steel for cooled kvass, vertical type, Ø 1700 * 2400 (h) mm 1
10   Maintenance platform for fermentation tank 1
11   Control box with start protection and signal apparatus 1

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