Sugar cookies production line

Sugar cookies production line equipment

Production line for sugar cookies


Sugar cookies – one of the most popular products in its segment. We offer complex solutions for preparation and packing of sugar cookies at the enterprise of the customer. This line is designed to produce 500 kg per hour of sugar cookies. On request, the line capacity can be changed. Also this complex of equipment allows to carry out production of a rotary gingerbread (Polish).



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Standard algorithm and the line of equipment, respectively, for the preparation of sugar cookies consist of the following stages:


1. Preparation and dosing of flour
The initial and one of the most important stages of any bakery and confectionery production. Preparation of flour for technological use and its dosing is carried out using:

flour sifter;
hopper of a given volume;
mechanical spiral screw;
metering system with load cells.
The equipment is controlled through a single automated control system.


1.1 At the customer’s request the system of storage and supply of flour for production can be implemented using pneumatic systems.


1.2 Preparation and dosing of prescription mixture
Emulsion for sugar cookies includes several main components: powdered sugar, invert syrup and a mixture of other liquid components.

For their preparation are used:

 micro-mill for powdered sugar;
installation for the preparation and dosing of the formula mixture, which includes an emulsifier, consumable tank, weighing systems for the emulsifier and consumable tank;
installation of preparation and dosing of invert syrup, consisting of three tanks: tank for the preparation of syrup with electric heating elements, tank for cooling with a jacket and a stirrer, consumable tank for syrup;
water doser.


1.3 Dough preparation
At this technological stage, the dough is kneaded for future cookies from prepared ingredients. For this purpose, a high-speed kneading machine is used (for sugar cookies and/or soft and tender dough). The performance of this kneading machine depends on the type of product, formulation and feed rate.

Main characteristics of the dough kneading machine:

• tank for the dough with a shirt over the entire cross section for free circulation of liquid;
when tilting the bowl can be fixed in any position.


1.4. Dough feeding 

The process is provided by three pieces of equipment:

tank of the dough supply, where the kneaded dough is discharged from the dough kneading machine;
two axis dough shredder with bypass;
conveyor with metal detector.


1.5 Forming of the dough
The stage of forming the finished dough for sugar cookies is using the following equipment:

rotary forming machine (can be used for forming of gingerbread dough);
roller coating device;
sprinkler device;
forming set of shafts;
conveyor system.


1.6 Baking process
For baking of sugar cookies used ovens, that can create and maintain several temperature regimes, preset by recipes.

In a comprehensive line is used oven with combined heating:

furnace length — 15-17 m (taking into account the line capacity of 500 kg per hour);
three compartments for temperature control: direct heating, indirect heating and convection;
auxiliary equipment.


1.7 Cooling
The cooling system for sugar cookies consists of the following types of equipment:

receiving conveyor from the furnace «take-off», made of metal mesh;
180 turn with knife crossbar;
set of 3 belt conveyors of Z-configuration;
discharge hatch;
two-stage stacker with guides;
packing table.
The entire line for the production of sugar cookies or rotary gingerbread has a length of about 25-30 m (based on the line capacity of 500 kg/hour). If necessary, the line capacity can be increased. Also, in conditions of relatively small production areas of the customer, the line can be made on two levels, raising to the top level the dough preparation and cooling systems and thus reducing total length of the line.

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