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  • — Silos
  • — Hoppers
  • — Big-bag unloading
  • — Bags 50 kg unloading
  • — Bags 50 kg bags overturning
  • — Sifters
  • — Magnet separators
  • — Transportation systems
  • — Dosers for bulk products
  • — Dosers for liquid components
  • — Mixers
  • — Grinder
  • — Packaging automat


  • — Self-cleaning filters for dust
  • — Safety valves for hoppers
  • — Level sensors
  • — Pressure monitoring sensors
  • — Vibration bottoms
  • — Electrical vibrators
  • — Vibration aerator
  • — Flow divertors
  • — Rotary feeder
  • — Shiber flap
  • — Air compressors for pneumatic transportation


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    parts for bulk storage process

    Choose parts and components for process of bulk products storage


    We offer parts and components for technological equipment for storage of bulk products and materials.


    For silos and hoppers:

    level sensors — to monitor the volume of the product in the silo or hopper;
    pressure monitoring sensors — monitor and measure the pressure inside the silo or hopper;
    safety valves — normalize the pressure in the silo or hopper;
    vibration fans — saturate the product with air and prevent caking of the bulk product;
    vibration bottoms — facilitate the unloading of product from the silo or hopper;
    filters — prevent product spraying, minimize losses and maintain clean air.


    For transport systems:

    vibrators — facilitate the unloading of the product from silos and hoppers and movement of the bulk product along the transport system;
    rotary valves (rotary feeders) — supply the product from silos and hoppers with a high pressure to transport system;
    dampers — block the flow of product in the transport system;
    flow switches (divertors) — distribute the product flow into two streams;
    compressors — supply compressed air to the transport system and to the aeration system.