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Filters for cleaning of air in bakery production

Self-cleaning filters for de-dusting


For dedusting of containers (silos, hoppers, feeders) and to prevent dusting of the premises (workshops) on silos (tanks) and technological lines are installed self-cleaning filters. The filters have a system for cleaning of the filter elements with compressed air, thanks to which small particles of the product return back to the container. As a result, the consumption of the product decreases. Filters are installed both in circuits with mechanical loading and in pneumatic lines.


Polygon filters — filters in the form of a cube or a parallelepiped, with horizontal or vertical flat filter elements. They are used on conveyor transshipments, in large silos and as a part of independent ventilation systems.

Round filters — a wide range of filters for ventilation of silos and hoppers. Suitable for the food industry, as well as for chemical, pharmaceutical, construction plants.


Compact filters for small hoppers are installed on weight dosers, small bins, in conditions of limited space.


Filters for silos are designed specifically for dedusting of silos in concrete plants, they can also be used in food production.


Dust collection systems — auxiliary equipment, pneumatic systems for extraction of accumulated dust from filters.