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Bulk storage and transportation of bulk products is one of the priorities of our company. On the development and improvement of which works a team of experienced designers and developers, craftsmen and adjusters. Bulk storage and transportation systems are developed for the specific needs of each customer, taking into account all the technical characteristics of the project. Type of unloading equipment, type of silo and transportation system to be defined according to the required productivity of plant and type of product. Products can be bulk type, or powder or granulated. Number of extra equipment, such as sifter, divertors, magnet separators and etc installed in the system according to the project requirements and factory layout.

Range of applications

Systems for bulk storage and transportation of bulk materials are used in various industries:

• food productions: bakery and confectionery enterprises, processing enterprises, enterprises producing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dairy products, enterprises for the production of cereals, snacks, spices, own food shops at hypermarkets, etc.;
• pharmaceutical and chemical productions: plants for the processing of substances, enterprises for the production of medicines and preparations, etc.;
• construction industry: production of various mixtures and materials.

Benefits of bulk storage systems

Bulk storage systems are fully automated, what allows you to quickly obtain accurate information about the volume of raw materials in storage tanks, monitor all stages of the process and keep a complete record of the factory. Bulk storage and transportation frees up space in production building, makes optimal usage of premises and labor of workers. This reduces rental costs and wages.

Improved storage conditions

Special materials from which all components are made, as well as aeration and arches collapse systems do not allow the bulk material to cake. In the case of storage of food products this prevents pests. Filtration systems minimize the loss of raw materials during unloading and transportation, and improve sanitary conditions in the warehouse.

Integrated approach

Bulk storage systems and transportation cover the whole complex of processes from unloading to feeding the bulk product to the packaging machine or to the processing plant.

Storage system includes equipment for:

storage (silo, hopper);
transportation (screw, vacuum and pneumatic transport systems);
measurement and control (product level control sensors, system for arches collapse);
system control (automation software).