Automation control system

Automation, control system for production

Technological process automation

Automation of technological processes for the bakery requires the creation of an automated process control system.

Automated control systems — a kind of command center for the organization of the whole technological complex on factory: from acceptance and unloading to supply of bulk products into dosers.
Each automated control system is designed to meet the individual requirements of the customer and reliably controls all the necessary production processes.

Basic elements of the control system

Automated control systems are used for handling of bulk products and substances, it consist of several basic elements:


shield for connection of flour trucks: for unloading of the product from truck to a given silo for storage;
shield of dosers-mixers: for processing of signals of load cells (level sensors of a product in system), provides processes of dosing and mixing according to the established compounding;
power shield: ensures the smooth operation of launchers and protective shutdown devices;
central control box: organizes the processing of all signals of the automatic control system and ensures its functioning, carries out interaction between the operator and the processing equipment.

Principles of operation of elements of the automated control system

1. Electrical shield for connection of flour truck

Main task of the ACS (automatic control system) is to check the correctness of connection of the pneumatic transport system for the flour transportation from truck to the receiving device of silo and, if parameters coincide, to ensure the connection of the compressor of flour truck to the electric network of the factory for the unloading of flour from truck. Direct connection of the compressor is performed by the operator.


Characteristics of the electrical shield for connection of truck:

presence of indicators of work of the equipment;
protection system for the drive of compressor of the flour truck against overloads;
presence of the power connector for connecting the drive of the compressor of the flour truck;
location of control elements on the inner panel of the shield;
class of protection in closed state IP65.


2. Electrical shield for unloading

The function of the automated control system is to check the data for compliance of the selected silo for unloading and the specified pneumatic transportation route for the product. In case of an error, the system issues a prohibition signal to prevent the bulk product from entering the silo, where the other product is stored. Also under control is the pressure in the transportation line with the aim of timely detection of congestion in the track and preventing damage to equipment. The shield is equipped with indicators of operation and status of all nodes. Class of protection IP54.

3. Electrical shield for doser-mixer

The control system is responsible for ensuring the loading of the selected bulk product into the mixer, it controls mixing processes and further transportation of the product for processing in accordance with the recipe.


Characteristics of the electrical shield:

ability to save up to 99 recipes in the controller memory;
presence of a weighing terminal for processing signals from load cells;
presence of a touch-screen 5-7 inches to display the section of the production line, input prescription data and inform about emergency situations.


4. Power shield

The control system monitors performance of all start-control and protective equipment of electric motor drives of transportation systems, compressors, blowers, vibrators, etc.


Characteristics of electrical shield:

own element of protection for each drive;
function of automatic stop the line when triggering sensors.


5. Central control box

The automated control system collects information about all technological processes and accumulates it in the central control box. In case if the installation of strain gauges is difficult, it is possible to equip the system with sensors for continuous measurement of the product level.

Information on the current status of product availability is received and processed in the central control box. All pneumatic transportation lines also are constantly monitored by position of divertors, — valves to exclude the incorrect configuration of assembled line. Thus, with the help of the central control box, the entire technological system is controlled and monitored, what excludes the occurrence of possible accidents.


Characteristics of electrical shield:

availability of the industrial controller with required interfaces;
presence of terminal blocks for connection of sensors, actuators, signals from ACS boards;
presence of 10-12 inch graphical touch-screen panel for visualization of modes of operation;
displaying of screens with settings;
displaying of errors and crash logs;
ability to control in manual mode during commissioning and routine maintenance;
ability to create remote access to work with the system.

Quality of automatic control system

All control panels are made on the basis of modern components from leading manufacturers:

contactors, automatic circuit breakers from Schneider;
soft starters from ABB;
frequency converters from Omron;
controllers and operator panels from Omron, Siemens (on request);
sensors from WAM, Sick, Omron, CarloGavazzi, Autonics;
terminals — screw-free terminals from WAGO (power and signal);
controls and displays from Schneider;
control panel housings from Schneider, Rittal.

Advantages of our automatic control system

use only high quality, proven and reliable components;
availability of industrial controllers in the control system for flexible adjustment of the system and algorithms of equipment operation in accordance with individual customer requirements;
control of permissive and prohibiting processes at each stage of the technological process;
collection and processing of data from strain gauges, pressure sensors in the system, etc.;
possibility of maximum simplification of the action to achieve the required level of automation;
reliability and guaranteed quality of work.