Sifting process equipment - Sifters

Choose equipment for sifting process of bulk products


Sifting improves the quality of flour and other bulk products: the products are saturated with air, loosened, warmed. In addition, foreign particles and ferromagnetic impurities are removed from them. Sifting plays an important role in baking and confectionery, as the quality of baking depends on the quality of flour and sugar.

Sifters of bulk powdered substances (food — flour, sugar, salt, as well as non-food — chemical and construction mixtures) are metal hoppers with built-in sieves and aeration systems. Sifters are used at the stage of preparation of products for technological usage, as independent units of equipment, and as part of production lines.

Vibrating sifters sieve the product through the metal meshes due to the vibration of the hopper.

Rotary sifters feed the product on the sieve with help of the rotor. There are models for conventional and vacuum transport lines.

Magnetic separators can be integrated into the sifter or installed on the line as a separate device.


Advantages of sifters:

sieve material — perforated sheet or mesh;
extraction of the mesh without tools;
fire and explosion safety.