Storage process equipment

Bulk products storage process equipment

Equipment for storage of bulk products

Silo's for storage of bulk products

Hopper's for storage of bulk products


Silos and hoppers are used for the storage of raw materials in production.

Silos — equipment for storage of large volumes of bulk products in large industries. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Based on the needs of the customer, operating conditions and characteristics of the stored product, silos can be made of metal, fiberglass or fabric (Trevir). Silos are equipped with aeration and vibration systems.

Hoppers — bins of a smaller volume in comparison with silos, are used for short-term storage as an intermediate chain in production lines.

Tanks for liquid components — technological bins, made of stainless steel for storage, preparation, heating or cooling of liquids.

The design of each bin is developed depending on the type of stored product and purpose. All bins are connected to transport systems, that supply the product for production.


By type of raw materials bins are divided:

tanks for liquid components;
bins for bulk components.


By purpose bins are devided:

for storage: silos, technological and modular hoppers;
for supply of raw materials to the technological route: feeding bins.


By volume and storage time bins are divided:

for storage of large volumes of raw materials at large enterprises: silos;
for storage of flour in small bakeries or for short-term storage of raw materials in production: hoppers.


Advantages of storage equipment:

saving production space;
any storage volumes from 1 m3 to 64 m3;
process automation;
reduction of raw material losses.