Silos equipment for bulk products

Equipment for storage of bulk products


Silos — equipment for storage of bulk products. Used in warehouses for bulk storage of flour, bakeries, food and non-food industries. Silos are used in conjunction with transport systems. Silos are divided by product volume, storage conditions, but mainly by the material it’s made of, on the basis of which the functions and application of silos depend on:


Types of silos:

silos made of tissue (fabric);
silos made of metal;
silos made of fiberglass.

Fabric silos — silos for storage of small amounts of flour indoors. Light, strong, durable silos, with good air permeability, due to which no condensate is formed.

Metal silos — silos for storage of large volumes of flour at large enterprises in specially designated areas of closed and open type. They are made of carbon steel. Equipped with a ventilation system to preserve the original properties of the product for a long time.

Fiberglass silos — silos for storage of any volume of flour on bakeries, bread productions. Fiberglass is not subject to corrosion, ensures the absence of condensation on the inner surface. Fiberglass allows you to make seamless walls of silos, with two or single layer.