Fabric silos

Fabric silos equipment

Equipment for storage of bulk products



Fabric silos are designed to store relatively small amounts of bulk products in closed rooms:

wheat and rye flour;
polymer granules;
wood pellets;
secondary crumb and etc.

Dimensions of bottom of fabric silos:

from 1550 x 1500 mm to 4000 x 4000 mm.

Height of fabric silos:

from 3000 mm to 7500 mm.

Volume of fabric silos:

from 5 m3 to 70 m3.



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Silo made of fabric is the most convenient way to store relatively small amounts of bulk products indoors. Such storage solutions are ideal for small bakeries and pastry shops, small agricultural enterprises. The special material Trevira, from which the fabric silo is made, has a high air permeability, thereby eliminating the formation of condensation and agglomeration of the stored product. Fabric silos combine lightness, reliability and strength. They are simply and quickly mounted and disassembled.


Advantages of fabric silos:

strength of Trevira fabric silos is similar to metal silos;
multiple reliability on the quality of seams and fabric;
vibrating walls provide optimal discharge characteristics;
unloading of the product is carried out completely and without residues;
simple procedure of cleaning of the silo;
optimal use of production facilities;
possibility of installation in hard-to-reach places;
mechanical or pneumatic loading and unloading;
do not need care for external surfaces, durable;
highly hygienic, not subject to corrosion.
We offer fabric silos of the square or rectangular form. Silos have standard dimensions or can be manufactured according to the dimensions required by the customer.

Silo equipment includes standard equipment and auxiliary equipment.


Standard equipment:

high-strength bag, made of breathable fabric «Trevira» with anti-dust coating and high resistance to mechanical breaks;
ceiling, made of filter cloth to provide air ventilation during loading. When planning a warehouse with the use of fabric silos, it is necessary to provide at least 250 mm of free space above the silo to organize the loading of the silo and the guaranteed functioning of the filtering fabric.


Auxiliary equipment:

pneumatic loading pipe of 100 mm in diameter, made of stainless steel with quick sealing connection;
vibration motor with adjustable imbalance to ensure product supply from bulk storage bin (characteristics: three-phase electric motor, installed power 0.45 kW);
vibration bottom of convex shape (diameter from 800 mm to 1250 mm) for the unloading process. Made of stainless steel, comes complete with a base for vibrating connection, an internal back funnel for uniform loading and a grip for attachment to the bag;
silo weighing system, designed for silos with a capacity from 10 to 40 tons, where the weight of the product is measured by four sensors, located under the silo. It consists of parts for installation of load cells, microprocessor for weight control and visualization, connecting cables, distribution/switching unit. Microprocessor performs the functions of instantaneous determination of the weight of the stored product, automatic calibration and regulation of the minimum/maximum levels of the stored bulk product;
the alarm unit with a sound and light signaling system with a flashing signal to notify about the full load of the silo and a switch, located in the silo loading point. Alarm connected to the weighing sensors and controlling the maximum and minimum levels of the product in the silo.

  Faberic silo bottom dimensions, mm from 1550 x 1500 to 4000 x 4000
  Fabric silo height, mm from 3000 to 7500

  Fabric silo volume, m3

from 5 to 70

loading pipes;
air exhaust pipes;
filters dust-collectors;
product level indicator;
overpressure control devices;
weighing system;
systems for fluidity of the product.
One example of the storage of large amounts of flour in small areas can be a project of site of melting at the company «Sarham», Baku (Azerbaijan). The company installed 4 fabric silos with a total capacity of 54 tons of flour.



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