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Fiberglass silos equipment

Equipment for storage of bulk products


Fiberglass silos is a modern and popular method of storage of bulk raw materials. Due to the low degree of thermal conductivity of the materials from which the plastic silo is made, no condensate is formed on the inner surface of the silo, which creates ideal conditions for long-term and high-quality storage of bulk products. Installation of silos made of fiberglass is the optimal solution for the organization of open — type warehouses for bulk storage of flour and other bulk products.



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Fiberglass silos are designed for storage of bulk raw materials. The technology of production of fiberglass silo for flour allows you to create a completely seamless surface. It always stays clean, dry and perfectly smooth. Plastic silos are produced both single-wall and double-wall with thermal insulation, different in diameter and capacity. The inner part of the silo for bulk storage of flour is made of certified composite material (certificate for use in the food industry for the storage of dry bulk products of plant origin).


The main distinctive features of plastic silos:

resistant to external and internal influences;
not subject to corrosion;
do not require internal cleaning (anti-static materials);
do not need frequent exterior painting;
fire and explosion proof;
highly hygienic.

The silo is mounted on strain-gauge supports with galvanic coating, which allows to keep records of bulk components coming to the enterprise. To determine the level of the product in the silo are used flag, ultrasonic or sinking sensors. Fiberglass silos are designed taking into account wind loads. They are not affected by atmospheric phenomena, the entire period of use remain in excellent condition. Silos are equipped with the necessary elements for reliable and safe operation. Fiberglass silos are made both in standard sizes and on individual request.


The standard silo includes:

body of the silo;
aspiration filter with automatic cleaning;
safety valve;
filling pipe;
vibratory plate (bottom);
receiving device for unloading of truck with flour.
One of the first facilities equipped with our silos was TD Perekrestok.

  Volume of fiberglass silo, m3 4.5 or 6.5 or 10 or 14.5 or 16 or 34 or 46 or 53
  Cone angle at the top of the bottom 90 or 60

  Silo shell diameter, mm

2000 or 2500 or 3000

  Height of silo without protective railings on platform, mm

1950 or 2600 or 4300 or 5800 or 6300 or 9800 or 8450 or 9050

  Diameter of feeding pipe, mm

76 or 100

  Diameter of discharge pipe at the bottom, mm

259 or 400 or 273

  Diameter of conical shell to attach the vibration bottom, mm

400 or 600 or 1063 or 1316

  Installed power of vibrator, kWt (not more)

90 or 160

  Height of silo, mm

2500 or 3400 or 7450 or 7800 or 8300 or 11000 or 10450 or 11050

  Electrical power, V / Hz

  380 / 50
  Total weight, kg (not more) 340 or 420 or 850 or 1500 or 3200 or 6900 or 7950

anti-explosion panels;
level sensor;
strain gauge load cell system for weighing the product;
service ladder;
top platform for maintenance;
fence around perimeter of the upper platform;
inspection hatch;
inspection window;
inspection door;
ventilation grids for under silo space.

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