Metal silos

Metal silos equipment

Equipment for storage of bulk products


Metal silos is the most convenient form of storage of large volumes of bulk organic and inorganic products in large enterprises. Most often, metal silos are used for storage of grain crops, flour and other fine or granular products.

Silo diameter:

from 2000 to 4000 mm.

Silo height:

from 3900 to 19500 mm.

Silo volume:

from 6.6 m3 to 200 m3 for 100 tons.



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Metal silos are used for reconstruction, modernization and construction of new sites and warehouses for bulk storage of raw materials or flour, both closed and open types in various industries. A special ventilation system ensures reliable and high-quality storage of the product in optimal temperature conditions. Standard metal silos have a cylindrical shape and smooth internal walls to ensure smooth loading and unloading of bulk products. Silos are installed on the supporting structure, the height of which depends on the method of unloading of the product, or mounted in a specially made concrete frame. Design and development for roof structures of silos prevent the influence on the stored product of precipitation, ingress of birds and insects, and also provides maximum capacity of the product.


Advantages and distinctive features of metal silos:

one-piece, durable construction;
relatively low cost;
possibility of placing silos in a limited production space;
ability to store large volumes of bulk products.

Metal silos are equipped with modern accessories:

suction filter SILOTOP® (WAM, Italy) to achieve the filtering and output of air, that flows into the silo during the flow of product through the pneumatic conveying system;
VCP pressure relief valves (WAM, Italy) to regulate and maintain optimal air pressure inside the silo;
ILT level sensor (WAM, Italy) is used to signal the presence of the product in the silo;
strain gauge MK 2 «TENZO-M» to obtain the primary signal showing the amount of product in the silo;
receiving device for connection of transportation system with receiving devices for loading silos with the product;
vibration bottom VA of company WAM (Italy) to ensure the quality of discharging bulk products from silos.


Standard equipment of metal silo includes:

the body of silo;
stairs and upper deck;
inspection hatch on the roof.

  Volume of fiberglass silo, m3 2.5 or 4.5 or 6.5 or 10 or 14.5 or 16 or 25 or 34 or 38.5 or 46 or 50 or 60 or 70 or 100 or 120
  Cone angle at the top of the bottom 90 or 60

  Silo shell diameter, mm

2000 or 2500 or 3000 or 3500

  Height of silo without protective railings on platform, mm

1300 or 1950 or 2600 or 4300 or 5800 or 6300 or 9000 or 9800 or 7400 or 8450 or 9050 or 10450 or 11850 or 16500 or 14900

  Diameter of feeding pipe, mm

76 or 100

  Diameter of discharge pipe at the bottom, mm

259 or 400 or 273

  Diameter of conical shell to attach the vibration bottom, mm

400 or 600 or 1063 or 1316

  Installed power of vibrator, kWt (not more)

90 or 160 or 300

  Height of silo, mm

2000 or 2500 or 3400 or 7450 or 7800 or 8300 or 11000 or 9400 or 10450 or 11050 or 12450 or 13850 or 17700 or 16900

  Electrical power, V / Hz

  380 / 50

loading pipe;
dust filter;
level indicator;
pressure monitoring devices;
anti-explosion panels;
weighing device;
aeration of the stored substance;
system of collapse of bridging;
system of dilution of substances.
In addition to these elements, metal silos can be equipped with a flour receiving device for flour truck, which optimizes the process of loading flour truck into the hopper. The receiving device consists of unloading and loading hoses, connection pipes and brackets, on which the sleeve is laid after work.

One of the most significant projects was the manufacture and installation of 8 metal silos for the external storage of flour in the framework of the project of complex equipment of LLC «First bakery» in city Grozny. The total storage capacity of flour is 432 m3.

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