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Transport systems connect all parts of the technological process. The product is fed from silos to dosers, mixers, sifters, hoppers (bins) and packaging machines.


Transport systems are divided by types of movement of raw materials:

• Spiral transport systems: product moves through the pipe with help of a built-in spiral screw;


There are two types of spiral tracks:

rigid screws — traditional form of transport systems — a metal pipe or chute with a metal spiral (screw) inside. The main drawbacks — rigid screws are installed only on straight sections, metal-intensive and, therefore, expensive;
* flexible screws — a modern transport system, allowing more economical use of the workspace due to the complex geometry of the screws. The pipe and screw are made of flexible materials, so that the track can be bent at any angle. The main drawback is the limited length of the screw.

• Pneumatic transport systems move the product in a compressed air environment. As a rule, such systems are used for transporting of the product to the production facilities from warehouse.

• Vacuum transport systems use rarefied air, the product is moved under the influence of atmospheric pressure. One of the main advantages of vacuum lines is the absence of dust.

Part of the transport systems are the systems of collapse of the arches — installed in the walls of silos or hoppers vibrators, which (due to vibration) give an additional impetus to the product and do not let it caking.