Unloading of bulk materials

Unloading process equipment

Equipment for unloading of bulk products from big-bags and 50 kg bags


Unloading — discharge of bulk materials, packed in containers. For the production raw materials comes in containers of various sizes: bags up to 50 kg or soft containers -big bags up to 1000 kg (sometimes up to 3000 kg). In warehouses equipped with bulk storage systems, the product is reloaded into receiving tanks with the help of special devices — bulk unloaders. 50 kgs bags unloaded with help of overturning unit and manual unloading unit for 50 kg bags. Big-bags are unloaded with the use of big-bag unloading unit.

Unloading units equipped with an aspiration systems. Aspiration systems with filters prevent the spraying of flour. It reduces the consumption of the product and improves the sanitary condition of the warehouse. From unloading the product by the transportation system is fed into the silo or hopper, where it is stored until you need it on the production line.


Advantages of the bulk product unloaders:

no dust;
loss reduction;