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We offer turn-key solutions for dairy plants and other type of productions, where pouring of liquids is performed. By your request we can create a full project for filling (pouring), packaging, labeling automatic lines to be placed on your production facility. With our equipment you we’ll get automatic production with remote control and statistics system, that allows you to manage all production figures and parameters of the filling and packaging machines performance online. We are reliable supplier of turn-key solutions for liquids pouring and we can supply equipment for the following processes:

pouring lines for dairy plants (for milk pouring / filling);

pouring lines for bottling of water;

pouring lines for bottling of alcoholic beverages;

pouring lines for bottling of carbonated beverages (with gas);

pouring lines for bottling of sunflower oil;

pouring lines for bottling of non-food products.


We can offer production and pouring lines by type of package:

filling lines for bottling into glass bottles or into PET bottles;

filling lines for bottling into film bags;

filling lines for bottling into plastic cups;

filling lines for bottling into pure-pack and tetra-pack bags;

filling lines for bottling into flow-pack bags.


Set of technological equipment for liquids pouring can include the following lines:

equipment for blowing of PET bottles;

filling equipment for liquid products;

group packaging into carton boxes equipment;

technological equipment;

group packaging of boxes and automatization systems.

For all our customers we offer customized solutions, based on an individual requirements of the customer and combined with several different types of filling (pouring) and packaging machines, so at the end you will have 100% ready for production reliable lines with high productivity and modern technology. Poruing line for liquids can consist of several modules, including:

preparation station for raw material (washing of bottles and etc.);

pre-cleaning of liquds (filters, pasteurisation station and etc.);

pouring (filling) equipment — triblock or other type;

control unit;

labeling station;

group packaging equipment;

palletizing equipment;

stretch film wrapp-around equipment or stretch-hooder;

transportation systems;

storage systems.

Labeling equipment

Group packaging and other equipment for pouring

Equipment for PET bottles production

Compressed air stations for PET bottles production

Packing lines into plastic cups

Packing machines for milk plants