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Pouring lines for dairy plants

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We offer pouring lines for the following liquid products:

filling lines for bottling of milk;

filling lines for bottling of dairy products;

pouring lines for bottling of water;

pouring lines for bottling of carbonated beverages;

filling lines for bottling of sunflower oil;

filling lines for bottling of technical liquids;

pouring lines for bottling of alcoholic beverages;

pouring lines for bottling of juices.

We can offer full automatic and semi-automatic filling equipment for liquids for small enterprises and complete pouring lines for big dairy plants and other types of productions, where liquids are being processed.

For all our customers we develop customized project for pouring line, depending on the individual requirements of the customer. Filling lines for liquids include several modules to be combined in the final solution for pouring: depalletizer to unload empty bottles, cleaning of bottles (cups, bags and etc.), preparation station for liquid (saturator, CIP-washing unit, ozonator and etc.), filling unit for bottles / bags / cups / containers (linear type or carousel type triblock), closure (capping) unit, rejection unit, labeling machine, condensate removal station, ink printer for printing data, group packaging machine for tray packing, palletizer for group packing of boxes, wrap-around with stretch film machine or stretch-hooder, conveyors system and other units. So, there is no two similar final solutions for pouring line of the same liquid product. We recommend you to contact us and get complete offer with technology acoording to you needs and based on figures of your production: type of container / bottle, type of capping, dose (ml), needed productivity, and etc. instead of requesting the cost of a single machine for pouring from our website.



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• Pouring lines for bottling of liquid food products in bottles — consist of several machines, which operate automatically and related to the type of package of the product: washing unit, filling and capping unit, label application unit, group packaging in shrink film or cardboard box.

• Bottling line for bottling into PET bottles can be equipped with an automatic unit for blowing of PET bottles and automatic feeding systems to move PET bottles to the filling machine through air conveyor.

• Pouring lines for bottling into glass bottles are equipped with systems for removing empty bottles from pallets, using automatic or semi-automatic depalletizers. Depending on the type of product, filling lines are available in different versions with different type of dosing system and hygiene level.

• Filling lines for bottling of dairy and milk products are equipped with special dosers for flowmetrics bottling without any direct contact with the neck of the bottle. It is also possible to pour yogurt with pieces of fruit or cereals. As dairy products require very high level of hygiene during bottling, pouring equipment is equipped with ultra clean filling systems, which allows to almost completely eliminate the ingress of bacteria in the bottling process and guarantee long shelf life of the product in supermarket.

• Water and carbonated water (with gas) pouring lines are equipped with gravity filling dosers or isobaric dosers (dispensers under pressure).

• Pouring lines for bottling of products, containing sugar (lemonade, kvass, etc.), with filling equipment is integrated especial dosing system with electronic valves, which makes easier washing of the filling unit.

• Pouring lines for bottling of thick and viscous products are equipped with volumetric type dosers, integrated into filling unit.

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