Filling monoblock

Filling monoblock for 20000 bottles / hour

Monoblock for filling and pouring of liquids

Type of product for pouring:

liquid food and non-food liquid products

Type of bottles:

PET bottles and glass bottles from 0.2 up to 2 liters;

canisters from 4 up to 6 liters;

polycarbonate bottles 19 liters;

glass wine bottles;

glass beer bottles.

Volume of bottles:

from 200 ml up to 19 liters


up to 20 000 bottles per hour


threaded or printed lid, pilfer-proof lid, twist-off lid (or other by request)

For all our customers we develop customized project for pouring line, depending on the individual requirements of the customer. Filling lines for liquids include several modules to be combined in the final solution for pouring: depalletizer to unload empty bottles, cleaning of bottles (cups, bags and etc.), preparation station for liquid (saturator, CIP-washing unit, ozonator and etc.), filling unit for bottles / bags / cups / containers (linear type or carousel type triblock), closure (capping) unit, rejection unit, labeling machine, condensate removal station, ink printer for printing data, group packaging machine for tray packing, palletizer for group packing of boxes, wrap-around with stretch film machine or stretch-hooder, conveyors system and other units. So, there is no two similar final solutions for pouring line of the same liquid product. We recommend you to contact us and get complete offer with technology acoording to you needs and based on figures of your production: type of container / bottle, type of capping, dose (ml), needed productivity, and etc. instead of requesting the cost of a single machine for pouring from our website.



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Parameters of filling monoblock

We can offer filling monoblock for liquid products with capacity from 6000 up to 20000 bottles per hour depending on the type of bottle and product. Machine can be equipped with 24 — 68 valves for dosing of liquids and washing containers. By order, monoblock can be produced for bottles of different shape and volume, from 200 ml for small glass bottle and up to 19 liters for polycarbonate bottles with carrying handle.


Type of bottles for bottling on our monoblock:

standard PET bottles of 0.2 — 2.0 liters with threaded or printed lids;

cans of 4.0 — 6.0 liters with threaded lids and extra carrying handles;

polycarbonate bottles 19 liters with gasket covers with valve;

glass wine bottles with cork, metal threaded caps or pilfer-proof caps;

glass beer bottles with metal threaded lids or lids without thread;

glass bottles with twist-off lids.

Pouring of liquids on our monoblock

With different types of our monoblocks you can process and pour different liquids, integrating our filling equipment into existing production line or installing full set of our pouring equipment. You can use our filling monoblock for the following lines:

pouring line for bottling of water;

pouring line for bottling of mineral water;

pouring line for bottling of beverages with gas;

pouring line for bottling of beverages without gas;

pouring line for bottling of beer;

pouring line for bottling of non-carbonated alcoholic beverages;

pouring line for bottling of dairy products;

pouring line for bottling of sunflower oil;

pouring line for bottling of liquids and viscous non-food products.

Dosing unit for pouring monoblock

With our filling monoblock we can install the following dosing units, depending on the type of liquid to be filled in:

• flowmetric dosing unit for bottling of non-carbonated beverages, also liquids with small pieces of product, able to fill bottles with high accuracy and without direct contact of details, also preventing foaming;

• isobaric dosing unit for bottling by volume or by level of carbonated beverages;

• volumetric dosing unit for bottling of wide range of products, including high viscosity products.

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