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We offer high-quality equipment for blow molding of PET-bottles. PET-bottles production line is the result of innovative developments in the field of efficiency increase of the usage of energy of compressed air for blow molding of the preforms. Machines can produce PET bottles at an air pressure of 15 bar and a compressor electrical power of 45 kW. By this figures machine can blow up to 3000 PET-bottles / hour. The customer can significantly save on electricity, cost and maintenance of compressor equipment.


We can offer 3 main types of blow molding machines:

blow molding machine for PET-bottles production Butterfly;

blow molding machine for PET-bottles production A4;

blow molding machine for PET-bottles production TB-40.

Machines are designed in the way to make it compact, attractive appearance and ergonomic. In the structure are used components of the leading European manufacturers.

Suppliers of the components for blow molding machines for PET-bottles production:

  Pneumatics FESTO, Italy
  Thermostat, frequency converter OMRON, Japan

  Cooling system

DANFOSS,  Denmark

  Control system


  Shafts, oil-free bearings