CIP stations

CIP stations

Automatic and semi-automatic CIP stations


We can offer several types of CIP stations:

central CIP stations for multi-lines usage;

automatic CIP stations for beverages filiing lines with productivity > 8000 bottles / hour;

compact CIP stations for medium and small productions.

CIP station is connected to filling triblock by set of pipes and wires for control unit. It can work with 2 or 3 components washing.



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CIP station for filling triblocks

Technological process of washing with CIP station consists of 4 stages:

pre-washing stage: removal of the product remainings out from the filling line (inside);

alkaline washing stage: water with alkaline is pumped into the aseptic chamber and pumped through the product tank, fillers and valves;

system drain out: water with alkaline is drained out from the product tank, filling line, fillers and valves;

acid washing stage: water with acid is pumped into the system and pumped through the product tank, fillers and valves. Then acid is drained out from the product tank.

Automatic CIP station for filling triblocks

Automatic CIP station allows to wash beverages filling line in fully automatic mode. It can hold reuired working temperature of washing liquids and make setting adjustments. Datas from CIP station are controlled by PLC controller and shown on touch-screen.

CIP station consist of the following units:

3 tanks for washing liquids;

heating exchange module;

group of pumps;

valves and pipes;

control module (PLC).

Working process is fully automatic. It is designed for cleaning of technological and packaging equipment without disassembling of it. Automatic CIP stations execute the following steps of washing cycle: preparation of washing liquids, heating and circulation of it in the product tank of the beverages filling line, pipelines and valves. Depending on the required capacity of the filling triblock and washing modes, tanks can have different volume and pumps of different installed power.

Compact CIP station for filling triblocks

Compact CIP stations consist of 1 tank with a pump and set of pipelines. CIP station is placed on a mobile platform. Tank is filled with water of the required temperature and detergent concentrate. Compact CIP station cannot work in automatic washing mode, but it performs all the required operations for high-quality disinfection of the beverage filling equipment with a help of operator.

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