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We offer a lot of extra equipment for production. We can combine several machines of different types to create a full production and packaging line for your need. Also we install extra equipment on machines, which is not provided by the manufacturer, such as printers, rejection units, premix stations, CIP washing stations, different types of conveyors, control units for remote control and automatical statistic collection and etc.


We can extra offer:


• equipment for the production and packaging of wet wipes. The machine cuts napkins, folds it, wets them with a liquid from doser and tightly packs it into package.


• equipment for packaging of bulk products into stick sachet bags. Stick sachet bags — pillow type bags, the length of which is several times greater than the width. Stick bags are used for portion and disposable packaging of sugar, coffee, etc — i.e. single usage package.


• equipment for packaging of fruits and vegetables. Semi-automatic clipper packs vegetables and fruits into a mesh bags, fastened on two ends with a wire clips.


• equipment for packaging of small-piece and piece products into packages of envelope type. Envelope package — wrapping of the product or a group of products (groups of cookies, packaging of sponges, soap, etc.) into a film and sealing the package at the edges. One machine has possibility of changeover and can pack different products of different shapes.


• thermoforming machines for packaging into correx. Machine heats the thermo-forming film and forms from it a container (correx) of a certain form. Then the product is placed inside this correx and then a lid of the correx is hermetically closed and sealed. Correx packaging is used for a wide range of food and non-food products (meat semi-finished products, sausages, cheeses, sandwiches, stationery, medical instruments, toys, etc.).


• air compressors for compressed air supply to pneumatic systems of the packaging machines, production lines and automats.