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Packaging machine for envelope bags

Equipment for packing of small-pieces products into envelope type bags


Packaging machine is used for packing of groups of products into envelope type bags, made of thermo sealed film in reels. It can pack the following products: cookies, waffles, soap and etc. There is a possibility of eco-packaging, for example, 5 in 1. Also this machine can pack products inside eco-packaging. It is possible to use extra packaging material, such as carton, for full protection of the package inside the envelope bag.


15 — 50 envelope bags / minute.





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OWET 100 is an universal packaging machine, forming packing bags of envelope type. Machine is used in food, cosmetic, chemical and other industries. Envelope type of bags is flexible, simple and profitable package. It is formed by the upper wrapping of sliced single products or a group of products in one package and further sealing of corners. The machine can pack products of round, cylindrical, square and oval shape and different sizes. To change to another type of product, you just need to change the format group in the settings and make necessary adjustments. Changeover process takes no more than 10 minutes. The machine is controlled on the PLC controller and color touch-screen on the operator’s panel. All parameters, including heatiang, productivity, packing size and etc can be easily controlled. There are no any buttons on the packaging machine, except for the button of emergency stop. The operator’s menu is very simple and easy to operate. Depending on the customer’s wishes, any language can be installed on the machine. Also, on the customer’s request, a printer can be installed to apply the date on the bags. Standard package of the machine includes the function of using a tear-off tape for easier opening of the bags. Depending on the type of product, size and packaging material productivity can reach 15 — 50 envelope bags / minute.

All electrical and electronic components used in the packaging machine are from the leading brands such as Telemechanique, Schneidel, LG and Siemens. Roller system with bearing inside to provide excellent slide of the packaging film reel, with braking system, equipped with a coil spring, and so you can adjust the necessary spring pressure for optimal film reel movement. The device of easy opening of the envelope bags and a printer can be installed on the machine. All surfaces in contact with a product are made of high quality stainless steel. Other surfaces are painted with quick-drying paint RAL 801 silver.
during work packaging machine uses 3000 mm feeding conveyor;
intervals the filing of feeding are adjustable for any product size;
photo sensor enables the usage of the packaging film with photo mark;
on the packaging machine is installed PLС controller and 7.4 inches touch screen for adjustment of heating, temperature, productivity, dimensions of the packaged product.


By means PLC you can do:

adjustment of the desired packing length;
adjustment of the used packaging film with printed picture;
control of productivity;
control of the required heating temperature;
function of storing the parameters of the package with a quick choice from menu to work with the same type of product;
control of the quantity of already packed products;
possibility to set the machine stop when packed the desired quantity of envelope bags;

operational menu in the language of the customer.

  Kinematic productivity, envelope bags / min. 15 — 50
  Operator’s panel 7.4″ inches touch screen

  Max film reel deameter, mm


  Film reel inner core diameter, mm


  Width of film reel, mm

120 — 350

  Electrical resistance of heating element, Wt

3 x 600

  Power supply:

  voltage, V

  current frequency, Hz



  Motor power, kWt


  Machine dimensions (LxWxH), mm (not more)

  1100 x 1860 x 4575 (including conveyor)
  Total weight, kg (not more) 1010


device for easy opening of envelope bags;

possibility to use extra protection layer (carton) under the packaging film.

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