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How to start a production of product, that is successfully sold? With our packaging film, which is produced in a reliable and modern enterprise. Such enterprise is the Artflex — company, belonged to RT Group. Artflex is one of the leaders of the market of modern flexo printing on flexible packaging materials.

History of Artflex

Since 1998 on the basis of RT Group started to work flexo printing workshop, which main task was supply and support of customers of RT Group with flexible packaging materials in reels.

The first customers of Artflex were customers, to whom in addition to packaging equipment was necessary also packaging film. RT Group was the first In Russia to offer customers a comprehensive solution to the packaging process.

2002 — the year of creation of the company. In the first four years, Artflex has grown from a small, unknown company to one of the largest players in the North-West market, with customers all over Russia and abroad. Due to well-built management by the 2004 Artflex entered the top three leaders in the region.

In the same year we purchased the new equipment of a full cycle of production of flexible packaging materials with flexo printing, allowing to make one and multilayered materials with drawing of the image of any complexity.
In 2006, the company received the Certificate of conformity of the quality management system to the international standard ISO 9001:2000 number №: 06.186.026.
To meet the increased demand for flexible packaging, another flexo printing machine was purchased in 2006.

Why customers prefer Artflex?

Customers appreciate in Artflex good partnership, high level of service, high-quality execution of orders in precisely established terms, which are never violated.


Years of experience




Satisfaction of customers

Services of Artflex

Successfully working in the market of flexible packaging materials for 16 years, the company Artflex consistently helps its partners to gain a unique identity and recognition of their brands. Artflex is focused on cooperation with both large and relatively small manufacturers. Experienced and qualified staff, progressive and high-precision production equipment, quality control system, strict adherence to deadlines, European level of service — all this guarantees high quality of orders.

Flexo printing

Flexo printing machine Miraflex II am with 10 printing sections (manufactured by Windmoeller & Hoelscher, Germany).
Modern flexo printing machine Soma Flex (Czech Republic).
The use of two printing machines — is the mobility and stability of the timing of orders.

Printing machine Windmoeller & Hoelscher provides:


• 10-color printing, quality is not inferior to rotogravure, with use of modern technology and lineature up to 200 lpi;

• width of the printed material up to 1320 mm;

• print length from 370 to 800 mm;

• printing on flexible materials with thicknesses from 12 to 150 mkm;

• printing speed up to 500 m/min.;

• ability to print small runs of 500 kg.

Packaging film lamination

Solvent-free laminator Nordmeccanica Simplex (Italy).
Combined roll laminator Comexi Nexus Dual.
The main advantage of solvent lamination — is the readiness of products for the next production cycle (cutting) in 4 hours!

Provides possibility of variable post-printing processing:


• solvent free lamination;

• solvent lamination;

• application of cold glue;

• any kind of additional coverage in the register.


Soma Pluto (Czech Republic) 2 units 2004 and 2007 release.
The rolls cutting machines are equipped with a Non — Stop device, which allows to continue cutting without stopping to remove the finished product. This equipment guarantees high quality of winding rolls of different packaging materials.

Parameters of printing equipment:


• minimal circulation 500 kg;

• maximum terms of performance of the order 25 days;

• more than 30000 circulations.

Advantages of Artflex

Requesting to Artflex, customers can always rely on the quality control system, which includes input control of all materials and control over the production of printed packaging film, up to its packing and shipment, as well as constant sanitary and hygienic control of the technological process. Artflex streamlined automated system of accounting of production and shipment of orders. The company has the ability to deliver products to any region of Russia (up to Vladivostok) and CIS countries, as well as worldwide.

Thanks to this, company is constantly increasing the number of its customers. Today, they are 300 companies from major Russian and foreign cities. Artflex serves confectionery factories (Dream, Golden truffle, Astoria, etc.), grocery company (Baltpak, Petersburg mill factory, etc.), manufacturers of frozen food (Daria, OblMyasProm, Petrodvorets Myasnoy Dvor, etc.), bakeries (Sunrise, Baker, Petrokhleb, Loaf, etc.), as well as manufacturers of household products.


However, the greatest leap in development occurred, oddly enough, in the crisis year 2009. Instead of outdated machines, Artflex purchased latest wide format flexo machine Soma. Quality control system, automatic detection of defects, high speed, environmental friendliness and a wide range of printing — these are the main criteria, that determined the choice of flexo printing equipment.

Among advantages of the new equipment — ability to print on packaging film with elements of holographic protection. So now Artflex effectively protecting clients products from counterfeiting, thereby increasing the trust of customers.

Company overview

In modern conditions, the need for quality packaging continues to grow. Artflex is in step with the times, offering innovative solutions in flexible packaging materials, as well as providing customers with the most favorable working conditions. The company compares favorably with its competitors, as it relies on the quality, speed and ease of obtaining packaging, and maintains an attractive price level. The company Artplex will add colour to Your business!

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