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Types of packaging film / laminates

We produce packaging film in reels for usage on packaging machines

This section presents main characteristics of the most common types of films used in the production of packaging, as well as the main types of laminates, including certain packaging films.
It should be noted that a single-layer packaging is currently used in a limited way, preference in the modern market is given to two-and three-layer laminates (combinations of different quality and characteristics of the packaging films).

Types of packaging film

Products Material of film Properties of film
  BOPP transparent / BOPP transparent + BOPP transparent polypropylene film is biaxially oriented: the best indicators of tear resistance, tensile strength, frost resistance, stiffness and transparency, resistant to deep cooling, low vapor permeability, high oil resistance, water resistance snacks, confectionery, grocery, bakery products, dairy products, household chemicals, personal care products, beverage label
BOPP metallized / BOPP transparent + BOPP metallized polypropylene film is biaxially oriented, metallized: it has high decorative and barrier properties (protection from ultraviolet rays, moisture and gas tightness), accumulates a much smaller charge of static electricity due to the presence of an electrically conductive layer, this reduces the adhesion of powder products to the packaging film in the weld area; it is resistant to multiple bending, exceeds the gloss of aluminum foil, increases the shelf life of products by 1.5 — 2 times. snacks, bulk products, confectionery, beverage label, etc.

BOPP white (pearl) / BOPP transparent + BOPP white (pearl)

polypropylene film biaxially oriented pearl or white: has a reduced strength compared to transparent, better protects against UV rays, creates a barrier to moisture penetration

confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, beverage label, etc.

  BOPP matte / BOPP matte + BOPP transparent / BOPP matte + BOPP metallized

polypropylene film biaxially oriented, matted: has a low UV permeability, gives the products an elite and expensive look snacks, confectionery, etc.

  CPP / BOPP transparent + CPP

polypropylene film is undirected: has good transparency, chemical resistance to oils and fats; gas and vapor permeability is lower than LDPE, welding temperature is slightly higher than LDPE, but lower than BOPP; CPP is not torn, but stretches, has good resistance to puncture, resistance to frost groceries, frozen food, bakery products, pet products, etc.

  PET transparent / PET transparent + PET metallized + LDPE / PET transparent + LDPE / PET transparent + BOPP + LDPE

polyethylene terephthalate (lavsan) film: has the highest strength, wear resistance and barrier properties to fat-containing products and gases, does not have heat sealability, so it is used only in combination with other films snacks, bulk products, liquid products, household chemicals, personal care products, pet products, etc.

  PET metallized / PET transparent + PET metallized + LDPE

polyethylene terephthalate metallized film: it has strength and wear resistance, frost resistance, barrier properties against the penetration of oxygen and moisture, resistance to punctures frozen products, household chemicals and other product groups

  PET with twist effect (transparent and metallized)

has memory effect for individual packaging of sweets in a twist type of packaging

  LDPE (transparent, white) — used only as part of laminates, for example BOPP + LDPE, PET + LDPE, PET + PET + LDPE

high pressure polyethylene film: provides excellent weldability, can be used as an inner layer for packaging, has frost resistance, barrier properties against moisture penetration, resistance to puncture. Depending on the composition of the laminate, which includes LDPE, it is possible to produce packaging with different properties, for example, frost — resistant for frozen products or resistant to water vapor penetration — for oil and fat products. snacks, bulk products, grocery, frozen food, bread, household chemicals, personal care products, pet products, etc.

  Aluminum foil — is used only in the composition of laminates, for example, PET + Foil + LDPE

aluminum foil: has high decorative and barrier properties (full protection from UV rays, moisture and gas tightness) bulk products, ice cream, personal care products, pet products, etc.

  Paper — used only in the composition of laminates, for example, Paper + LDPE

paper: gas and vapor permeable packaging material, serves as the basis for pet lamination and foil coating bulk products, grocery, ice cream, etc.



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