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Line for corn and other cereal flakes production

Equipment of the production line for corn flakes

The line consist of:

feeding screw;
stainless steel execution mixer;
twin-screw extrusion plant with magnetic traps of foreign metal objects in raw materials;
mounted cutting device;
pneumatic transport;
unloading cyclone;
flattening machine;
6-levels drying oven;
feeding conveyor;
enrobing complex;
digester system.
thermal drying station of stainless steel.

Line productivity is up to 200 kg / hour.



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Feeding screw conveyor


Feeding screw loads the raw material into the extruder. From the hopper, located at a height of 0.5 – 0.7 m, screw transports raw materials to the height of filling products into the extruder.

performance of screw feeding is up to 200 kg / hour;

installed power is up to 1.5 kW.



Centrifugal sifter sifts bulk food products, removing impurities from them. The principle of operation of the sifter is based on the continuous centrifugal squeezing of bulk materials through cylindrical sieves of a predetermined flow section.


Technical parameters:

performance is up to 1000 kg / hour;
total power 1.5 kW;
supply voltage 380 V;
overall dimensions 540×980×430 mm;
weight 45 kg



Belt type mixer produces batch mixing of bulk food ingredients in order to prepare dry multicomponent mixtures of uniform polydisperse composition, suitable for further use in the food process.


Technical parameters:

performance is from 250 kg / hour;
working volume 250 liters;
installed power 2.5 kW;
supply voltage 380 V;
overall dimensions from1500×1600×1020 mm;
unloading height is up to 2.5 m;
weight 350 kg.

Extrusion unit


The extruder performs thermomechanical processing of the raw material, coming after the preparation stage. Design of the working bodies will allow you to get any form of the final product.


This is achieved by:

length of the working area is 0.65/0.9 m, which determines the quality of the welding of the extrudate and, as a result, high taste properties of the product. After passing the working area, the products do not require additional drying / roasting in thermal installations.
automatic control of parameters of the equipment, ensuring a stable output of the product when the quality of raw materials fluctuates.


Adjustable parameters include:
working area pressures;
extrusion temperature;
raw material humidity;
quantity of raw material.


Technical parameters:
performance is up to 500 liters / hour;
frequency of the auger rotation 10-280 rpm;
operating temperature control range 40 … 200 °C;
screw diameter 88 mm;
working pressure before the matrix 20 MPa;
installed power, up to 90 kW;
supply voltage 380 V, 50 Hz;
overall dimensions 4600×1600×3000 mm;
service life of working bodies, not less than 300 000 kg.

In addition, the extrusion plant has several differences from analogues, available on the market:


transfer of forces from the main drive to the augers is carried out by means of a transmission without the use of chains. This determines reliability of the design and low noise during operation of the equipment;
oil station constantly lubricates friction mechanisms. Oil passes through the radiator tubes, excluding overheating of the equipment. Due to this system, the extruder can work around the clock without interruption;
collapsible screw design allows you to replace the wear or failure of only the one part of the screw, which will allow you to save money on maintenance of the installation;
induction heating of the extrusion zone significantly reduces the time to enter working mode and loss of products to the nonconditioning when starting the equipment. Provides a predetermined temperature in the extrusion zone;
self-cleaning screws ensure a clean working area without disassembly of the extrusion node in the event of an emergency stop operation. When resuming, induction heating is turned on, stuck hardened extrudate burns out, and the screws clean it from the working area;
stainless steel screws and screw chamber made of steel 40X13 and the use of branded bearings DU3 determine the durability of working bodies of the installation.

Process control unit


The proposed control system provides fully automatic control of the extruder. It is designed for extruders, used in the production of food products, including breakfast cereals, pet food, food additives.



In automatic mode, all process parameters are controlled and regulated – rotation of the screws and cutting unit, temperature of the working bodies and matrix, number of dry and liquid components, supplied in their stable proportion for each of the selected recipes. This ensures the reproducibility and quality of the product at one touch of a button. The specified optimal parameters from the recipe database for the start-up and shutdown phases allow the extruder to enter the production mode faster and more reliably. At the same time, energy costs and waste are minimized.



The recipe in this case has a broader meaning than the recipe of the product. In addition to the composition (proportions and number of initial components) and the method (temperature and cooking time), in this case, additional technological parameters of the extruder units are used, which affect the quality of the product. Recipe database – is stored in non-volatile memory data on these parameters for each of the products. All data in the recipe database is available for change, you can also add new recipes.



Degister cooks syrup by uniform controlled heating (melting) the fat components and their mixing with dry bulk ingredients and flavors to obtain a homogeneous viscous liquid.

working volume 250 litres;
temperature of warming is up to 90 °C;
speed of the kneading body 20 rpm;
installed power is up to 24 kW;
supply voltage 380 V;

In case of installation of one digester operation will need to be forced to stop as the syrup ends in the digester. In this case, the next batch of ingredients is loaded into the digester, and the syrup is cooked until ready.

Non-stop production will provide a system of two digesters, joined by one drain funnel. During cooking of syrup in one of the digesters dosing is carried out from the second digester. Next, the second digester is cooking syrup and dosing is carried out from the first digester.

Thermal drying station technical parameters:


installed power 75 kW, 15 kW per level;
number of levels 5;
working width of the mesh 0.7 m;
working length of the mesh is 4.5 m (from roll center to another roll center);
working area of the one transportation mesh 3.15 m2;
working area of all conveyor meshes 15.75 m2 (without feed conveyor).

Productivity of the extrusion line up to 200 kg / hour* in the production of flakes.

* depending on the raw material, used technology, quality of the product.





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