Cereals and flakes porridge line

Instant porridge production line equipment

Equipment of production line for instant cereals and flakes porridge


We offer a line for the production of instant cereals and flakes porridge, that do not require cooking, manufactured according to a patented technological scheme and has no analogues in Russia and abroad. The principle of operation is based on the effect of resonance absorption of infrared radiation by grains and groats.



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loading hopper 1 piece;
belt conveyor L=4 000 mm 2 pieces;
belt conveyor L=4500 mm 2 pieces;
intermediate hopper with level sensor 1 piece;
auger doser with electronic unit 4 pieces;
screw conveyor L=6000 mm 1 piece;
grain heat treatment plant 2 pieces;
tempering hopper №1 2 pieces;
screw conveyor L=6000 mm (tempering) 1 piece;
tempering hopper №2 1 piece;
magnetic column 2 pieces;
flattening machine 1 piece;
cooler with fan h.p.№5 1 piece;
 aspiration system including air ducts, cyclone, fans 1 set;
dampening system 1 piece;
control system and power supply, including cabling of the line 1 set;
metal structures, overpasses 1 set;
express-analysis devices 1 set;

Requirements for the premises: ceiling height 4.5 m, area of 150 m2, the presence of heating. Required electrical power 95 kW. The maximum water consumption (cold water, drinking quality) – 20 liters / hour.


1. Screw doser (4 pieces)


capacity up to 300 kg / hour;
smooth performance adjustment is provided by the frequency converter;
all food contact surfaces are made of stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 430;
power consumption 0.2 kW, AC single-phase current 220 V, 50 Hz;
overall dimensions: 390 × 350 × 160 mm;
weight 10 kg;
supplied complete with electronic control unit.


2. Screw conveyor (2 pieces.)


capacity not less than 600 kg / hour;
diameter of the screw (conditional) 150 mm;
step of screw 100 mm;
number of revolutions of the screw 27 rpm;
power consumption 1.1 kW, AC three-phase current 380 V, 50 Hz;
material stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 430;
overall dimensions: 6500 × 200 × 260 mm;
weight 120 kg;
moisturizing conveyor in the usual version;
tempering conveyor — with thermal insulation;
equipped with cones for water injection through the nozzles of the humidification system.

3. Installation for processing of grain by infrared radiation (2 pieces)


productivity (depending on the product) — 250 ÷ 300 kg / hour;
uniform distribution of the product over the width of the grid and adjustment of thickness of the product’s layer is made directly by the operator of the line with the help of dosing unit (grid);
type of infrared emitters (halogen lamp) — KGT 220-1000;
conveyor wire mesh-hearth twisted, size of the cell in the light 1.5 × 1.5 mm;
mesh width-830 mm;
area of the bottom surface 1.3 m2;
working range of the processing time is 15 ÷ 70 seconds;
installed power: infrared emitters 33 kW, electric drive 0.5 kW;
power supply: 3-phase four-wire with dead-earthed neutral, 380 V;
receiving hopper material stainless steel AISI 304; AISI 430;
overall dimensions: 2860 × 1330 × 1280 mm;
weight 380 kg;
supplied with a remote control that includes an electronic installation control system.

4. Tempering hopper №1 (2 pieces)


material stainless steel AISI 304; AISI 430;
 equipped with a viewing window for product level control and a bimetallic thermometer for temperature control;
• overall dimensions: 280 × 500 × 730 mm;
weight 23 kg;
thermal insulation.

5. Tempering hopper №2 (1 piece)


material stainless steel AISI 304; AISI 430;
equipped with a viewing window for product level control and a bimetallic thermometer for temperature control;
overall dimensions: 615 × 615 × 635 mm;
weight 27 kg;
thermal insulation.

6. Intermediate hopper with level sensors (1 piece)


material low carbon steel ST3;
equipped with a viewing window to monitor the level of the product;
overall dimensions of the hopper 1600 x 1600 x 1400 mm;
overall dimensions of the frame 1770 x 1730 x 2600 mm;
weight 320 kg;
plating enamel ML, gray;
overflow sensor with alarm.

7. Humidification system (1 piece)


maximum adjustable system capacity 40 liters / min;
adjustable pressure range 2 ÷ 3 bar;
range adjustment is made by means of a pressure switch;
electric pump ST 61/20D, 220 V;
installed power 0.6 kW;
power supply: 1-phase AC 220 V, 50 Hz;
it has a built-in filter;
simultaneous wetting through two channels (wetting auger and tempering auger);
overall dimensions 600 × 560 × 630 mm;
weight 14 kg;
supplied with remote control (electronic water dosing unit).

8. Flattening machine (1 piece)


capacity 300 kg / hour;
size of rollers: diameter 420 mm, length 400 mm;
adjustment of the gap between rollers is made by a screw mechanism using a flywheel;
drive of the rollers is carried out through V-belt and chain transmission;
minimum thickness of flakes 0.3 mm;
installed electric power 11 kW;
supply power: 3-phase AC 380 V, 50 Hz;
overall dimensions 1600 × 1330 × 1115 mm;
weight 1300 kg.


9. Conveyor belt (4 pieces)


maximum capacity up to 600 kg / hour;
working organ – belt conveyor with transverse partitions in the chute of stainless steel;
width of the conveyor belt 200 mm;
height of partitions of the tape 30 mm;
overall dimensions 4500 × 450 × 315 mm;
weight 78 kg.


10. Magnetic column (1 piece)


capacity not less than 500 kg / hour;
carrying load of one magnet not less than 5 kg;
material stainless steel AISI 304; AISI 430;
overall dimensions 140 × 220 × 320 mm;
weight 4 kg.

11. Product cooling unit (1 piece)


productivity on the initial product not less than 500 kg / hour;
moisture content 1% ÷ 2%;
temperature of the cooled product no more than 5°C above the air temperature in the production room;
material of the surfaces contacting with the processed product from stainless steel AISI 304; AISI 430;
bottom mesh is woven from stainless steel 12X18H10T;
installed power: electric drive 0.12 kW, discharge fan 7.5 kW;
power supply: 3-phase AC 380 V, 50 Hz;
overall dimensions 3170 × 760 × 2330 mm;
weight 370 kg;
supplied complete with h.p. fan No.5. Requires connection to the aspiration system with capacity of 3000 m3 / hour.

12. Grain moisture meter


Moisture meters are used for express-analysis of grain moisture in the laboratory. Numbers are displayed in percentage on the electronic display. The ability to work with many types of grain, cereals, without pre-grinding in a wide range of humidity and with very high accuracy.

method of measuring the resistive;
accuracy ±0,3%;
convergence ±0,1%;
measuring range 5% to 50%;
number of calibrations — 19 pieces;
dimensions 210 x 130 x 100 mm;
weight 1,1 kg;
power 9 Volt battery.


13. Infrared thermometer


Infrared thermometer allows you to measure the temperature of grain in the moving layer: just point it at the object, press the button and get the temperature fiagures on display.

measuring range -32 to + 420°C;
accuracy ±1% or ±1°C;
operating temperature 0 — 50°C;
weight size 150 grams;
overalll dimensions 190x38x45 mm;
power supply 9 V battery.

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