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Tunnel type horizontal roasting oven

Oven (furnace) for nuts and seeds roasting in production cycle


The main advantage of horizontal tunnel ovens for roasting is a system of uniform volumetric roasting of the product in the process of passing on the tunnel furnace belt through the chambers with different temperature regimes. This technology prevents damage to the shell of sunflower seeds during roasting and eliminates the appearance of micro-cracks on sunflower seeds, which prevents oxidation, thereby maintaining the taste of seeds up to 5 (five) months. Other systems of roasting, for example, in the flow of hot air, due to the peak heat stroke on the product (due to the temperature difference between temperature of the product and temperature in the roasting chamber) when falling asleep in the roasting chamber and product impacts on the chamber wall during roasting, lead to the appearance on the shell of the product (in particular on the seeds) many microcracks, oxidation of the seeds and loss of taste after 1 (one) month.



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The design features a horizontal tunnel ovens:


tunnel furnaces are universal and are used for continuous heat treatment (frying, drying) of all types of seeds and nuts;
furnaces have several zones of frying, a separate zone of ripening and cooling zone, which allows you to build an optimal technological map for different types of seeds or nuts and avoid shock temperature changes when loading the product into the oven, so the resulting products have excellent taste;
the uniformity of roasting inside the layer is provided by the variable direction of the product blowing hot air from the bottom up in the first zone, from the top to the bottom in the second zone and so on in other zones depending on the model of the furnace;
smooth raising up of temperature zones and smooth cooling of the black seeds ensures the integrity of the shell from microcracks, it keeps the seed core from oxidation and increased shelf life;
the product is fed to the conveyor belt (stainless steel mesh) in automatic mode. Removal of products from the conveyor belt, also occurs in automatic mode, which allows you to fully automate the process of frying seeds, nuts;
 the conveyor belt is cleaned automatically by the belt cleaning system. The belt cleaning system has an independent drive;
depending on the speed of the conveyor belt, frying time can be changed.
in tunnel ovens, natural gas or liquid fuel is used as an energy carrier. Although we offer electric tunnel ovens, due to the high power consumption electric tunnel ovens have not found much use in large enterprises;
depending on the model, furnaces are equipped with one6 or two or four burners;
in case of application of the electric power for heating of the furnace tubular corrugated electric heaters are applied.


Only on these furnaces can be regulated in automatic mode:


speed of the movement of the grid;
layer thickness of the product;
zone temperature (2 to 4 zones);
adjustment of moisture removal from the frying area.

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