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Choose type of package (of bags)

Pillow bags (flow-pack)

Square bottom bags - gusset (flow-pack)

Square bottom + sealed edges bags (flow-pack)

Horizontal flow-pack bags

Horizontal flow-pack bags with side gussets

Doy-pack bags

Flat bags with 3 seams or 4 seams

Packaging into pre-made package

Carton packaging equipment


We produce packaging equipment for packaging of food and non-food products into bags, made of polyethylene or propylene film.

Three seams pillow bags — the most common and economical type of packaging for bulk, powdery, small-piece, piece products, as well as liquids and paste. Cost of package depends on quality of the film of the bag (single or multi — layer film), printing quality, and options: formation of folds, flat bottom, welding edges, euro slot cutting, etc.

Flat sachet bags with three or four seams for small portions of powder, bulk and liquid products — also a popular type of packaging. Into top seam or corner can be added a cork or zip-lock, so the package can be repeatedly opened, and the shelf life of the product will be increased.

Variety of three seams bags — doy-pack bags, the lower edge of which is formed by folds as a stable bottom. Doy-pack form is convenient for storage and transportation of bags and it is also possible to add a lid or closure for multiple usage.

In addition, we offer equipment for packaging liquids and pasty products into pre-made plastic cups.
We also offer cartoning machines for cardboard packaging.