Four folds sealed flat bags

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Four folds sealed flat bags (type of gusset)

Choose packaging equipment to produce flat bottom bags (gusset) with four folds sealing

Flat bottom gusset bags with folds sealing

This is a variation of classical gusset bag. Standard gusset bag — i.e. bag with flat bottom — can have a 4 side folds sealing. In this case final bag looks like a finished box, it can stay on the bottom and attracts customers. Additionally face and rear surfaces of the bag demonstrate to the customer straight printing advertisement — pictures without distortion. Flat bottom gusset bag with four sides sealing allows you to store your product inside without deformation and breakage. Thanks you sides sealing gusset bag has a shape of a box with volume and favorably differs from other types of packages due to this fact.

Packaging machines for gusset bags with sides sealing


For manufacturing of the gusset bags with four folds sealing you need vertical packaging machine with special forming tube (option) and cutting unit for square bottom, plus four sides heat-welding group (option). Kinematic  productiviry for such equipment is about 100 packs per minute, depending on the length of the bag and film type and thickness.

Gusset bag with four folds sealing is designed for packaging of the premium class products. Self-cost of such package is higher, compare to standard gusset bag or pillow bag. For that reason packaging machines for flat bottom bags with four sides sealing are not so widespread, as our standard vertical packaging machines.


flour, starch, powdered milk, ground coffee, washing powder


seeds, nuts, dried fruits, cereals, pet food


cookies, gingerbread, candy, waffles, meat delicacies

Advantages of flat bottom bags (gusset) with four sides welding:

rigid shape of the package attracts customers and reduces a likelihood of damage the product inside;

high printing potential. Welded vertical edges create on the bag five delimited surfaces for placement of the product information and advertising;

extends shelf-life of the product, as this kind of package retains favorable for the product terms of storage. Immune to changes of temperature and humidity.