Carton boxes

Carton boxes

Choose packaging equipment to produce carton boxes


Carton box is a packaging, made of corrugated cardboard. Durable, lightweight, reliable and inexpensive packaging protects the product or its packaging during transportation and storage. Food and non-food products manufacturers use corrugated boxes of various sizes and forms.
Roomy rectangular corrugated boxes are used for group packaging of bags or cans. They are used as the main transport container. Their main task is the protection of the product from mechanical damage. Small corrugated boxes of different shapes: round, square, triangular, hexagonal, etc. — are used for packaging of products into pre- package or without it. Their main purpose is preservation of quality and taste properties of the product, and attraction of the
attention of consumers.

Cartoning equipment to pack products in corrugated boxes


Corrugated box is suitable for packaging of powdered, bulk, small-piece and piece products. Depending on the properties of the packaged product and tasks of the manufacturer, before packing it in a corrugated box it can be packaged in a polypropylene bag, correx or substrate.

Small-pieces products

Powder products

Piece products

Bulk products

Advantages of packaging into corrugated boxes:
high strength: packaging protects the product from mechanical damage;
attractive appearance;
cost-effective: corrugated box is cheaper than other types of rigid containers.