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Square bottom bags - gusset

Choose packaging equipment to produce flat bottom bags (gusset)

Square (flat) bottom bags — gusset

Gusset bag is a bag with square (flat) bottom and side folds. Gusset bag can be formed on a vertical packaging machine, which has special forming square tube and cutting unit as an option. Sealed bag has three seams: two transverse seams and one longitudinal seam and can stand up on the shelf. The choice of material for the gusset bag depends on the tasks and preferences of the manufacturer: polypropylene film, polyethylene film, laminated film and laminated paper. Presentable form of packaging and its vertical position attracts attention of buyers and has a positive effect on increase in sales. Gusset is more complex to produce, compare to standard pillow bag. But is can be performed on the same vertical packaging machine after changing of several setting. Normally changeover takes 30-40 minutes.

Packaging machines for flat (square) bottom bags

Principal different of packaging machines for gusset bags — option of square forming tube and cutting device for production of square bottom and side folds. Bag is formed from the film or paper in reels. Packaging machines for flat bottom bags have productivity up to 140 gusset bags per minute.


Gusset bag is advantageous to present the product to the customer. Sustainable packaging has a wide printing capabilities: logo, corporate colors and product information can be placed immediately on five surfaces. Gusset bags are popular in the food and chemical industry. Into square bottom bags can be packed confectionery, groceries, animal feed, household chemicals, etc.


flour, starch, washing powder, mixtures


cereals, pasta, sugar, coffee beans, cottage cheese


cookies, gingerbread, candy, croissants

Advantages of the gusset flat bottom bags:

• visual appeal. Flat bottom creates volume and holds vertical position of packaging, that attracts the attention of potential customers.

• high production speed: up to 140 bags per minute depending on the capacity of the packaging machine.

• wide weight range: from 150 grams to 5.5 kg