Doy pack bags

Doy-pack bags

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Doy-pack bag

Compact, stable, unbreakable doy-pack bags are very convenient for packing of liquid, semi-liquid, bulk and small pieces products. Packaging machines for doy-pack bags work on food and non-food productions, including chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories.

Packaging machine for doy-pack bags


Liquid products

Kefir, milk, yogurt, liquid soap, shampoo, household chemicals

Semi-liquid products

Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, condensed milk

Bulk products

Coffee, seeds, seasonings, baby food, cat litter

Small-pieces products

Snacks, dried fruits, olives, capers, candies, champignons


For multiple and prolonged usage of the product packages doy-pack bags can be equipped with zip-lock or fitting with cup. If this is not necessary, doy-pack bag can be closed by sealing or with euroslot.

Doy-pack bag itself can have two, three or four layers:

• two layers: polyethylene + Dacron;

• three layers: polyethylene + Dacron + metallized coating (aluminum foil);

• four layers: polyethylene + Dacron + polyvinyl chloride (or nylon) + metallized coating (aluminum foil).

Advantages of doy-pack bags package:

durable material. Multilayers doy-pack bag reduces a likelihood of mechanical damage of the product during storage and transportation;

stable bottom. Side folds of doy-pack bag are welded on top and along sides. The bottom base is extended, that allows to keep vertical position of the package.

self-cost of doy-pack bag is lower, than a self-cost of glass, metal or plastic cans.