Sachet bags

Flat sachet bags with three or four seams

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Sachet bag

Compact and hermetic sachet bag with three or four seams is used for single portions of powdered products. Package of this type is widespread in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical production. For the package into sachet bags are used vertical and horizontal packaging machines. Vertical machines mostly use for powdered, bulk and liquid products. Horizontal packaging machines are used for small-pieces products.

Packaging machine for sachet bags


Powdered products

Confectionery, bakery, food, pharmaceutical, household powders

Bulk products

Seasonings, coffee, sugar, instant soups and porridge

Liquid products

Sauces, cosmetic creams, shampoos, pharmaceuticals

Small-pieces products

Tea bags, wet wipes, pet food, lollipops


Sachet bags are made of polimer and multi-layers film with addition of paper or foil. Film manufacturer focuses on specific characteristics of the product to be packed.


Advantages of the sachet bags:

affordable price and convenient package format of the sachet bags attracts customers, this fact allows the manufacturer to increase sales volume;

light weight and batch format of the sachet package is optimal for storing the product inside bags and consum it during a trip;
better hygiene due to the fact, that contact of hands and any objects with sachet bag is minimized;

long shelf life. Sealed sachet packaging minimizes storage requirements for the product and extends the term of its storage;

package volume of the sachet bag is optimal for granular products with small consumption: vanilla, black pepper, citric acid, etc. For the convenience of multi-usage sachets bags complement with a zip-straps (zip-lock) with screw caps.

high profitability of package. The cost of products in a small package is several times higher than similar products in a big packing. For example, price of 10 grams of coffee in a sachet bag the same as for 100 grams in a big package. At the same time, this price remains affordable and attractive for the customers.