Pillow bags

Pillow bags

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Pillow bags package

Package into pillow bags is the most simple type of package. It is produced on vertical packaging machines, using thermo-sealed film from reels. Flat pillow bag has three seams: two transverse seams and one longitudinal seam. It is perfect type of package for printing advertisement. Pillow bag is widespread in food and non-food industry. Also it is the simplistic package from the point of view of production. Film from reel can be changed fast with minimal looses while changing. For the operator of packaging machine it’s simple to make adjustments and corrections in work. Pillow bags can be measured by length (with encoder) or by marks (with photo sensor). Packaging machine can have both options installed.

Packaging machines for packing into pillow bags


Pillow bags are suitable for packaging of wide range of products: liquid, bulk, piece products and small-pieces products. Also for group and individual packaging.


milk, kefir, juices, water


cereals, pasta, seeds, nuts, washing powder, dry mixes


cookies, candies, frozen semi-finished products


bakery products, meat semi-finished products, lump soap


Advantages of pillow bags package:

thanks to minimal weight of package it is a lightweight alternative to glass containers. Liter of milk in a pillow bag package has weight 200-250 grams lighter than a liter of milk in a glass bottle.

high speed of production — up to 120 pillow bags per minute, depending on the productivity of packaging machine.

self-cost of the package for pillow bag is several times less compare to glass or plastic containers.

pillow bag is resistant to external factors. Products packed into it are not susceptible to temperature changes, foreign smells and high humidity.