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Plastic pre-made containers

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Plastic container

Plastic containers — high resistant cups and containers of different size and shape. Made by thermoforming machine. Plastic containers are intended for the packaging of liquids, pasty and bulk products. Carousel filling and packing automat fills plastic containers (made of polypropylene and polystyrene) with liquid and pasty products. Filled containers are exposed with a high hermetic capping.

Packaging machine for packing into plastic pre-made containers


Liquid products

Yogurt, kefir, milk, cream

Semi-liquid products

Cottage cheese (curd), porridge, cheese

Bulk products

Dry mashed potato, dry porridge


Finished plastic containers differ in shape, volume and method of closing the package (caps). Form of packaging depends solely on the customer’s choice: round, oval, square, rectangular, etc. The volume of plastic containers varies from 100 ml. (yoghurts, curds, etc.) to 1000 ml. (ice cream, mayonnaise, cottage cheese). The most common methods of closing the package: foil caps, film and plastic cover. In some cases combination of caps is possible.


Advantages of the package into pre-made plastic containers:

strength. Plastic container is less prone to mechanical damage than the packaging made of polypropylene;

high heat resistance. Package can be used in a wide temperature range. In plastic containers you can store an ice cream at a negative temperature (down to -60°C) and brew fast food (up to + 100°C);

convenient format. To eat the product from plastic containers additional dishes are not needed. This allows you to take it to a trip.