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We produce packaging and production equipment for various types of food and non-food products.

We produce vertical packaging machines for package of the powdered products (flour, starch, washing powder), bulk products (nuts, cereals, dry animal feed) and small pieces (candy, frozen dumplings). With it you can get flow-pack bags of the following types: «pillow» bags, square bottom bags ( «gussets») and combined bags (square bottom + edges sealed). We also can offer packing machine of horizontal type for production of the «sachet» flat bags and doy-pack bags (for such products as ground spices, coffee, nuts, etc.). Packaging machines are equipped with weight, screw or volume dosers and conveyors.

We produce horizontal packaging machines for the packaging of piece products (bakery, confectionery) and small-pieces products in corex (biscuits, berries). With it you can get also flow-pack bags.

We produce horizontal packaging machines for package of liquid, viscous products (milk, sour cream, honey). With it you can form sachets bags and doy-pack bags. We produce automatic carousel type machine RT-AFK, which packs these products into pre-made containers with a plastic cups. Also we offer some types of vertical packaging machines, adapted to work with dosers for liquid products.

Special vertical and horizontal modified packaging machines with dosers are used for packing of fruits and vegetables.