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Packaging machines for bulk products

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Bulk products for packaging

Bulk products packaging is widespread in food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises. Manufacturer selects a particular type of packaging equipment depending on the properties of the product to be packed. On food productions usually pack two types of the bulk products:  small-fraction products and large-fraction food products. Among small-fraction products: sugar, millet, rice, pearl groats and buckwheat
cereals, tea, etc. Among large-fraction products to be packed: beans, peas, coffee beans, nuts and dried fruits, breakfast cereals, dragees, etc.

In the non-food industry the following bulk products can be packed: cat toilet fillers, dry pet food, tablets, fertilizers, screws, metal nuts, etc.

Packaging machines for bulk products

For bulk products dosing are used volumetic and weight type dosers with single hopper or multihead weighers, semi-automatic and fully automatic dosers

Vertical packaging machines can pack bulk products into pillow bags or into flat bottom bags (gusset)

With horizontal packaging machine bulk products can be packed into doy-pack bags

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