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Fruit and vegetable packaging

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Main function of the packaging for fruits and vegetables is to preserve properties of the product and to ensure the possibility of transportation to the counter in supermarket. For storage ready packaging must be minimal in dimensions and guarantee good gas exchange with the product. During storage on the shelf is supermarket, package must attract customers and looks nice.

The following companies use this package:

farming enterprises;

agricultural manufacturers;

companies, performing storage, transportation and processing of fruits and vegetables

Advantages of the package:

save properties of the product;

increase lifetime of the package;

effective logistics and storage scheme;

attraction of the customers;

increase recognizability of the manufacturer;

good surfaces for printing advertisement.

Vertical packaging machines for fruits and vegetables

Vertical packaging machines are ideal for packing solid fruits and vegetables. The machine forms a package from film in reel, then doses the product into it, and after that seals edges of the bag and cuts it off by length. Vertical packaging machines are easily reconfigured for different types of products and are capable to work with different packaging materials. Depending on the type of the product, productivity can reach up to 100 packages per minute.

Horizontal packaging machines for fruits and vegetables

Horizontal packaging machines are used for single and group packaging of fruits and vegetables into bags with flat bottom, packaging on a substrate or into correx. These machines can gently handle soft fruits, such as tomatoes, kiwi, strawberries, grapes. Productivity of horizontal packaging machines can reach from 80 up to 200 packages per minute.

Dosers for fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can differ in weight and shape, that’s why it’ better to use multihead weigher for dosing such type of products. Multihead weigher combines several small doses into one final dose of product with minimal inaccuracy.

Packaging materials for fruits and vegetables

Nonwoven cloth Claf


Non-woven claf cloth looks like net bag. It is designed for big fruits and vegetables with irregular shapes, such as potatoes, onions, beetroots, apples and etc. Such type of packaging material can stoge packages from 500 grams up to 5 kgs. Claf non-woven cloth applicated on vertical packaging machines.

BoPP, CPP, PE film


Polypropylene films are applied to maximally save the product from outside environments. Different combinations of film can make the package gas-resistant and humidity-resistant. BoPP, CPP and PE films can perfect match for the task of packaging of frozen fruits and berries. These films can be used both on vertical and / or horizontal packaging machines.

How the package for fruits and vegetables looks like