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Liquid and semi-liquid products packing

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Liquid and semi-liquid products for packaging

We produce packaging equipment for the following liquid and paste products:

milk, yogurt, sour cream, juices, fruit puree, mayonnaise, sauces, liquid soap, detergents and other similar products.

All packaging machines for liquid and paste products are made of stainless steel according to the individual requirements of the customer.

Equipment for liquid and semi-liquid products


Carousel filling and packaging automat allows you to pour liquid and pasty products into plastic pre-made polystyrene or polypropylene containers. Automat has productivity 1500-1800 doses of weight up to 1000 grams per hour.

Vertical packaging machines are designed for filling and packing of liquid and semi-liquid products into pillow bags, made of heat-sealable polyethylene film. Depending on the modification of the equipment, you can pour up to 80 packages of liquid and pasty type product packages per minute.

On the horizontal packaging machine liquid and pasty products are poured into packages of sachet and doy-pack type. Package is made of heat-sealable polypropylene film from reel.

Package of some liquid and semi-liquid products