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Pieces products for packaging

Piece products can be a food and non-food products of different size, weight, structure and purpose. Piece products are about of 5 cm and more. Manufacturer choose packaging equipment and type of package depending on these figures. Piece products include: bread, rolls, biscuits rolls, muffins, waffles, glazed cheese, cottage cheese masses, chocolate bars, dough pieces, marshmallows, etc.

Packaging machines for pieces products


We produce horizontal packaging machines for package of piece products into horizontal flow-pack bags, cardboard packaging for packing into corrugated boxes and clippers for packaging of bakery products into bags with a clip. For the purpose of full automatization packaging machines can be complemented with our transport systems and dosers. These machines can pack the following piece products: bakery (bread, loaf, bagels), confectionery (muffins, waffles, chocolate bars), dough pieces with humidity not more 15 % and etc.

On all our horizontal packaging machines for flow-pack bags production is installed control system of Italian manufacturer CMZ.

Package of some pieces products