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Powder products packaging

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Powder products for packaging

Powdered products — bulk products of very small size, average 0.5 mm, with light weight and dusty during packaging process. Powder products include: flour, milk powder, starch, cocoa, chicory, ground spices, washing powder, pharmaceutical powders, chemical and building mixtures, etc.

Packaging machines for powder

We offer screw doser for powder product with productivity 30 — 50 doses per minute and accuracy 1%. Screw doser has minimal dusty during it’s work.

For packaging of powder products vertical packaging machine combined with a screw doser. By that combination powdered products can be packed into pillow bags or bags with flat bottom (gusset), or bags with four folds sealed or into bags of 10 kgs and more.

Horizontal packaging machines are used for packing of powder products by small portions into sachet bags or doy-pack bags. Into such package can be sealed cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food powder. For packaging of powder products horizontal packaging machine combined with a screw doser.

For packaging of powder products into carton boxes we offer horizontal cardboard packaging machine. It can packs products into box with PP or PE inserts or without it.

Packaging of powder products demands to choose right packaging machine due to the fact of high dusty during the packaging process. If you choose incorrect type of packaging machine or a doser type, — you can loose tons of product while production cycle.

Package of some powdered products