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Packaging for small pieces products

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Small pieces products for packaging

Small-piece products include products ranging in size from 20 to 50 millimeters. In food industry usually the following small pieces products being packed: confectionery, snacks, prepared foods, fruits, vegetables, etc. On the industrial factories small-piece products can include details from plastic, metal, rubber and other materials: nails, bolts, dowels, gasket for pipes, etc. For chemical industry: tablets for dishwasher machine, plant fertilizer, etc.

Packaging machines for small-pieces products

Small sized products are usually packed with multihead weigher dosing unit or linear weight doser. Advantage of the multihead weigher is a high accuracy and productivity. Advantage of a linear weight doser is the possibility of increasing dosing lines for the purpose of further production development and productivity. The cost of linear doser is rather lower, compare to multihead weigher, that’s why is it attractive for small enterprises.

Vertical packaging machines are the main type of packaging equipment for
a small-piece products. These machines are designed for mutual usage with our dosers. We can offer vertical packaging machines of the following classes: Hi-class, Business-class and Economy-class. For the full automation your production we can offer our transportation and group packaging systems, combined with packaging complex + remote control system for recieving of production statistics.

Cardboard packaging machine prepares a corrugated box for packaging of small-piece products. Box package with stable volume keeps the form of products from mechanical damage during transportation and storage. We offer a horizontal type carton packaging machine for package of small-piece products into pre-made corrugated box with insert of PP or PE bag or without it.

An automatic or manual clippers allow to the manufacturers closing of ready package with small pieces products by metal clip or plastic wired clip, what makes package available for multi usage. We supply automatic and manual clippers, as well as vertical packaging machine with an option to close ready bag by clips.

Package of some small pieces products