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Packaging equipment is used in the food industry, including confectionery, bakery, grocery and non-food industries.

Vertical type packaging machines dose and fill into flow-pack bags granular, bulk, small-piece food products (cereals, candies, gingerbreads, dried fruits, tea, etc.) and non-food similar structure products into three-seams bags, formed from heat-welded film in rolls. It is equipped with dispensers, conveyors and other necessary devices.

Flow-pack packaging machines of horizontal type packs into three-seams flow-pack bags piece products (bakery, confectionery, semi-finished products, industrial products).

Doy-pack packaging machines of horizontal type packs automatically food and non-food granular, liquid, pasty products into three-seams and four-seams flat bags and doy-pack bags.

Bread slicing and packaging equipment cuts and packs bread into ready-made polypropylene or polyethylene bags of rectangular shape with a valve and holes for machine packaging. Bags are closed with a plastic clip, on which packaging date of the product is printed.

Cardboard packaging equipment performs group or individual packaging of the product into a cardboard box. Into cardboard boxes the following products of rectangular or cylindrical form can be packed: PET bottles, cardboard packing, cans of various form and products, packed into bags or packed by groups.