Dosing equipment

Dosers for industrial packaging production

Choose doser for vertical packaging machine


Dosers are designed for dosing of different products, being a part of filling and packaging system.

Dosers classification:

Weight dosers – it measure a product by weight. It is designed for dosing bulk and small-pieces food products – pasta, snacks, sweets, nuts, animal feed, as well as non – food products – metal nuts, bolts and etc.

Among weight dosers can be classified:

Linear doser – doser, which measures a product in a single weight hopper.

Multihead weigher – selects combination of doses of a product from several hoppers in order to get target summary weight.

Volumetric doser – measure pre-specified volume of a product by filling of measuring containers (cups). Designed for bulk food products – cereals, nuts, sugar, animal feed, etc., as well as non-food products – metal nuts, bolts, etc.

Screw type doser measures bulk products, feeding it by the screw. Final dose is determined by the number of screw revolutions.